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by on May 25, 2019

Sorrow in Your Memory Sweet

Do you see the loved ones you left behind?
Will, one day, we again will meet?
Is it there true happiness find?

Then I wish these earthly tethers no longer bind
I know that here my life incomplete
And life cannot be, to me, so unkind.

So, I look to my final days to unwind
Until my mortal place Time unseat
And from sorrow no more aligned.

Can you see the tears from hearts that pined?
Will they dry before your feet?
From s heart where love always shined?

Every day I hope to see if, instead, is kind
And your face will be its treat
That nothing in between our love can blind.

Love's sight to no realm assigned
But is felt so that each is complete
And its light must by each be lined
So sorrow in your memory becomes sweet.

Posted in: Poetry
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