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by on July 5, 2019
I learned long ago that I am your stereotype
Walking by hide your purse
This talk of diversity all hype
If you don’t fit, it only gets worse.
And those who are guilty look free
Keep what is precious, from me, away
Maybe because you are too ugly to see
That beauty around you finds, in me, its way.
Oh, I drive a fast car proves the point
But that lady behind the Porsche is cool
Man, I look always ready to smoke a joint
While you try to figure me, you play the fool.
But I realize that this I won’t ever shake
People will believe what they believe
And when that innocent one their lives take
Over their ignorance still won’t grieve.
“Oh, man, he still wears his hair long
And listen to that music on his radio!”
Sorry, to your sense of fashion don’t belong
And I always listen to what moves my soul.
So, stereotype me if your sensibility please
I can’t help but be what I am in the end
That I am true to a spirit evil never appease
And only the dark side of your nature offend.
Posted in: Poetry

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