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by on August 27, 2019
Have Not Forgotten
I have not forgotten about you
Any more than the day can forget the sun
Or the moon through the night shining through
For from your spirit they run.
Don’t think Time has gotten in the way
My heart to it can’t be controlled
But must give way to a power it can’t sway
For our love will past it’s reach still hold.
Any more than a Robin's notes can’t sing
Or the waves forget to roll into the shore
The music that soothes my soul always bring
While on the banks your passion will soar.
Distance cannot be counted by what I feel
Not as long as you are on my mind
For our feelings no distance can steal
My love your beauty will always bind.
Soon, I will see you and this truth known
Then Time and distance will know their place
Despite them our love will only have grown
Love is the power they can only trace.
Posted in: Poetry
Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature