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by on August 27, 2019

Seeing You Again

You looked as radiant as the summer sun
Except the sun’s rays not as bright 
As your affection that through my soul run
That reaches into the outer bounds of night.

And seeing you I realize how much I miss 
All these days so empty without your embrace 
When you were here dreaming about your kiss 
Now, only see, without you, an empty place. 

Tonight, distance only makes my hurt more real 
That I have to hope my dreams will redress 
What the day denies the night can reveal 
And your love in this place undress.

When I see you all these feelings return 
How cruel life is to take them away 
Leaving me for a love I can only yearn 
But to propriety and fate must give way.

I am left to contemplate how it could be
If in some other world we did meet 
There I believe you would be with me 
In that place my life would be complete.

So, I am only left with dreams as my solace 
Waiting for when I can see you again 
Until then in the teasing night find our romance 
While in the cold morning, here, relive this pain.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature