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George Manos
by on September 3, 2019
Cannot Keep You Away
They kept you from me but that won't last
I believe that you will still come to me
The die fate rolls has been cast
Past their obstacles your beauty will see.
Your life, I know, will take you far
I am only this man your affection may call
Like when you gaze at the brightest star
But I have to admit, here for you did fall.
So, they succeeded in keeping us apart
And our affection, for now, kept at bay
Like they can prevent the affairs of the heart
Not realizing nothing they do can stand in the way.
And all they did was fan our hearts’ fire
For the water they poured only stoked our emotion
And all it did is light the embers of our desire
Only lighting the fire of our passion.
Posted in: Poetry
Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature