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George Manos
by on September 8, 2019

Sonnet 345 (Our Love Still Grow) I should not grieve that you have gone away Instead be glad for all the joy you brought And though you're gone your memory will stay For you fulfilled the happiness I sought. And now each day still special in your wake Because this Earth was touched by our embrace And so, from each this satisfaction take I feel your heart though you have left this place. And still the Robin’s notes will sound as sweet The ocean's waves as gently roll to shore The morning’s rays the day still kindly greet For here your beauty once did store. And so, despite your loss no sadness know But our sweet love, to time, will only grow.

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    I have written poetry from childhood; it was a grade school teacher who first added a comment on one of my works with questions as to whether I was alluding to "Keats," "Shelley," 'Byron," or other such English artists. I, at that age, never heard of them, so I guess this style of writing follows a universal spirit and, at the same time, unique to me in this modern era. Now, at least when I write I not only know who these artists are (and the other poets I have studied, from classical to contemporary) but, in turn, are more than mere poetic allusions, they are my living, breathing guides in this luminous field.


Posted in: Poetry