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by on October 1, 2019
The Other Side
I saw the other side and tried to draw me in
So, when I say I want to be with you why stay?
Yet, I pulled back into this place but no peace win
Except you saying from my family can't go away.
I saw a white world and I knew the next place
One day, I know I won't be able to fight back
But I fought even when there could see your face
I should have let go, maybe the courage I lack.
Easy to say because you didn't want this to be
But, tonight, I know this strength would show
Except, our family is that important to me
You would not be happy if to you, then go.
And you know I could not leave them behind
Love never meant to be easy to understand
I searched for so long its comfort to find
Am I here for something more planned?
Then for Love's true purpose only play a part
This Earth the stage for its spectacle
To tell the story of who best owned my heart
Yet, spoiling its script for to you will go.
Yet, I am but a player, do I know my direction?
The twists I can take still a part of the play
That wrote who would entice my affection
And which love had, in my life, the most sway.
And tonight I have to confess am most worn
Shall I succumb to a dream from which awake
Or to that final sleep to where you were borne
Then leave behind one my heart, here, still take?
I have been to the other side and saw its light
And, one day, not be able to this place return
Then once more, you will be in my sight
But Earth's play will let go another I yearn.
And then in Heaven look down below
For one love reclaimed the other didn't know.
Posted in: Poetry