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by on October 7, 2019
With My Love
This should be the night for dreams but I am awake
For what I long for in them not truly appear
I am waiting for you to come for me to take
And when the morning comes from here disappear.
And in my room I hear only a silent sound
The perfect setting from which to leave the world behind
For the sounds of life here are not where I am found
Better go now to where Heaven’s melody find.
I know the stars are up and to me are beckoning
For they are the stairway to your new home
So I am awake here for this passage awaiting
Until you take my soul and with you forever roam.
And when the morning comes and the sun wipes her eyes
So that the new day can clearly see
If she looks here will have to realize
I left for another place with my love to be.
Posted in: Poetry
Topics: romance, love, poetry, nature