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by on October 28, 2019
Let me make this simple and brief
Like the birds who sing naturally
Since you left Time has been a thief
Stealing those moments you were next to me.
For everyone else this Earth their playground
Where their fantasies on this stage play
But this stage only empty if you’re not around
But what a romantic play if you only did stay.
There are heaving oceans and brilliant meadows
Roads travelled and where few have tread
Where the Raven beckons behind the shadows
Where emperors founded kingdoms where love led.
Where poets wrote lofty lines such love to preserve
And Juliet would accept the eventual tragedy
For, for a few brief moments, love's purpose serve
And trade it for the love a higher purpose did see.
You can still hear the birds melody here serenading
And a a poet can indulge in how his lover’s hair seducing
But this Earth will not afford me this luxury
My best chance is to hear you with your angels singing.
Posted in: Poetry
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