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by on November 14, 2019

Paradise to Me 

I thought I told you how much I love you
While the sun was smiling over our love
And the moon lent its romantic rays as it knew
For our love is why the universe move.

But as many times I told you maybe needed one more
To keep you here and Heaven only envy
But, as much as Heaven called I needed you more 
For on Earth you were paradise to me.

And the love we had in itself is divine
And this earthly paradise our happiness promised
Which can only happen if you are mine
And its stars shone brightest when we kissed. 

I only need to let you know I love you so Heaven hear
And the sun and the moon will have to agree
That love so strong should have kept you near 
So, to my arms Heaven will have to set you free.

Posted in: Poetry
Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature