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by on December 2, 2019
I Am Fine
I am alone but am fine
Like that solitary star that's still a guide
Once complete when you were mine
Still, I am glad you were once by my side.
Now I go ahead and I don't care
Isn’t life sweet still?
Shouldn’t I another love dare
If only I possess the will?
Life is still good, this must believe
And each day should appreciate
I am so glad sadness can't conceive
Only instead, my gratitude can’t wait.
And I shouldn’t worry about reminders of you
Even though they are everywhere
My new outlook should get me through
And for someone new can care.
So, I should forget those pictures I keep
They are of another life I have left behind
But, excuse me if I see them weep
I guess a moment of weakness find.
Those places we went, I can without you deal
Oh, look, isn’t she sweet?
While you are gone this one is real
Why can’t she make my life complete?
So, I am not like the sun that can’t forget the day
Or the moon that can’t forget the night
I am a man another woman can show his way
And in her arms set this world right.
I am not like the ocean that can’t forget the shore
Or the rainbow the sun’s rays need not feed
Or the Robin the air won’t let her chords soar
I only look for the love that in my life need.
And that has already proved how quickly it can go
So, I should get over its loss for not here long
And while this world its permanent laws know
I have learned to one can’t permanently belong.
So, it should be easy to forget the love we had
And while all else continues why not love?
If not for the one I lost for someone new?
Then that love is not everlasting prove.
Except I can still look upon that Northern star
That can guide me to where your love gives
And, looking up, realize from it you are not far
And whatever here points to where true love lives.
Keywords: Poetry, love, romance, nature
Posted in: Poetry
Topics: nature, romance, love, poetry
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