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by on January 12, 2020
Life but a Dream
I dreamt about you last night
Again, what this world denies dreams make true
Showing that this place never out of your sight
And what it hides in another realm find you.
And this dream stirred me to reach you here
When you answered that dream became real
So, the border between us should not fear
For the permanency of our love reveal.
And life is but a dream the bard does tell
So, your beauty both realms transcend
For when your love in my heart does dwell
Our passion to Heaven’s home will send.
After you replied I knew dreams understand
I had to call you to complete the connection
For our love has made its stand
That no place can deny our affection.
So, tonight, I hope you come one more time
We can, from here, finally leave it all behind
For life’s dream can still live in this rhyme
And our love in Heaven’s home forever find.
Posted in: Poetry
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