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by on April 26, 2020


Love is an ever-fixed mark that never alteration finds
But lasts past even the reaches of Time
It is the essence that the universe binds
And not even confined to this rhyme.

No, it never bends to fickle need or passion
But only feeds them, instead
Once lit is the flame past all reason
That is the light to where our heart is led.

It is the Northern Star that guides the sailor to shore
Even though the tempests threaten his vessel
Guiding him past the storm and to safety’s harbor
And with his fear no longer wrestle.

It is the bond that no earthly force can break
That no kingdom or natural force upend
For all that is strong and lasting only love can make
And when all passes here, love will never end.

No, love is the measure of our life’s true worth
And will never bow to our weakness or vicissitude
For to all that is valuable love gives birth
And while this world fragile, love is absolute.

And I found one that proved all this true
Until Time tried to prove me wrong
But it learned that I still belong with you
Time past our feeling still not as strong.

And Heaven will also learn what here sown
To a power that all its angels can only envy
For once Love found what other place need known?
Then this place Heaven enough for me.

Bur, still you were taken from this world away
How is love constant despite this?
For love even to loss will always stay
Even in its absence love can never miss.





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