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by on June 11, 2020

Hiya everyone,

Summer is officially here with this incredible new single from WEAL. 'Summertime'  their new single is due for release on the 17th June but they are ready for radio play and reviews immediately.

WEAL are available for over the phone or email interviews. Please tag WEAL and Puffer Fish. All plays, reviews and mentions will be shared on socials.

WEAL formed in 2015 and after several years of writing, recording and gigging they went on hiatus to then emerge again in 2019. They're now back with a vengeance and a softer indie sound that differs form their punk rock roots. 

'Summertime' is their new single and it's a belter. The song was written as a nostalgia piece lamenting about the summer holidays we had away from school and the feelings surrounding those carefree times.

Please find attached a link to the track, Press release and artwork. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Track: https://mcusercontent.com/7bb48b154d89d05b3b2e3e02a/files/557c251c-11bf-4ec6-868a-75e2eb604908/WEAL_Summertime_.mp3

Press Release: https://mcusercontent.com/7bb48b154d89d05b3b2e3e02a/files/e4cf0136-6d49-4b4a-83fa-364e1edef3c7/EPK_Summertime.pdf


Laura Beth

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Topics: music news
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