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by on June 11, 2020

Fuzzbox- I Can't Do Anything

Hi everyone,

The weekend is finally here and we've got some juicy new music for you to sink your teeth into from 80s power pop/ rock group Fuzzbox formerly known as We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use it. Their new single "I Can't Do Anything" which is due for release on the 12th June is ready for radio play and reviews immediately.

Fuzzbox are available for over the phone or email interviews. Please tag Fuzzbox and Puffer Fish. All plays, reviews and mentions will be shared on socials.

Fuzzbox emerged onto the scene in 1985 with big hair, big attitudes and big power pop rock sounds. After reforming in 2015 they've been gigging up and down the country with the same powerful sound and have toured with The Wonder Stuff. 

Their new track 'I Can't Do Anything' is a reimagining of the same song by X-Ray Spex. Every year a tribute festival to Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex takes place in London but due to the Covid-19 situation this is unable to happen this year. Popular acts from years previous are therefore recording covers of the X-Ray Spex tracks that will feature on an album later in the year which will include this track from Fuzzbox.

Please find attached a link to Fuzzbox's track, press release and artwork. Any questions just get in touch and I'll be happy to answer.

Track: https://mcusercontent.com/7bb48b154d89d05b3b2e3e02a/files/e0e39775-9a53-48ff-a159-136187f57eec/FUZZBOX_I_CAN_T_DO_ANYTHING.mp3

Press Release: https://mcusercontent.com/7bb48b154d89d05b3b2e3e02a/files/a8d01d29-5a60-4c49-8bfb-f147e2cac5d8/Fuzzbox_I_Cant_Do_Anything_PR.pdf

Artwork: https://mcusercontent.com/7bb48b154d89d05b3b2e3e02a/images/ec224906-a21f-43d7-9f0d-3bc8a69ee7b1.jpg

Laura Beth

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