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by on April 22, 2021



The leaves may turn and the petals fail but my love will never leave

The years may go and you're not here but still your spirit know

I only need to think of your memory and then I need not grieve

For where you are the happiness you gave me here again show.


And it is easy to give into your loss and my sorrow

But then I will have to forget those happy moments we did share

And though I may miss you again tomorrow

In every ray of light that shines I find you there.


This is the day that our love to time we forever bound

And the moments that followed only proved this true

For whatever goodness in life in you I first found

And what beauty I saw first came from you.


And now though you are not with me still celebrate

For the years you gave me love’s truest testament

And I know beyond these borders for me still wait

For the love we shared is not merely on earth spent.


But love's domain is never separate from our heart

Even though time and distance may take it away

For from a love like ours nothing can ever part

But from this earth to the stars will always stay.

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