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by on August 8, 2021

Only Through your Love


The stars don’t shine alone because you are there

Giving them a warmth that, looking up, I can feel

For without you their universe would still be bare

And from your beauty borrow so I know they’re real.


The birds don’t sing alone but need your melody

Lending them the chords that fill their fertile song

For without your voice their notes are only empty

So they sing to their fullest when your love to me belong.


The ocean’s ebb and flow your rhythm must know

For without your essence only find an empty shore

And before they touch land through your heart must go

So, standing at the water’s edge I know there’s much more.


And each day can only pass if I know your love still live

For it is only that which allows it to continue

For your spirit in my life it first must give

Only through your love can this world pass through.

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Topics: romance, love, poetry, nature
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