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by on September 29, 2021

No Longer Find


The stirring wind calls to my saddened soul

Asking it to join it in its free-flowing flight

And let it decide where I finally will go

Then from its grip to some peaceful place alight.


The ocean beckons to my sagging spirit

Its waves willing to whisk me to another shore

A land where the ocean finds true merit

And leaves me, in its wake, a new world to explore.


The bird’s songs stir my aching heart

And lift it to fly with its sweet melody

And where its chords heard I am now a part

Sending me to a sonorous scape of serenity.


And Nature does its best to bring me relief

All I need to do is simply, to her lead, follow

Where there is life I should know no grief

And there is hope where there is tomorrow.


Yes, she does her best to show me what I miss

And lure me to where my sorrow is left behind

But the one thing she can’t do is bring back your kiss

And your love on this Earth I can no longer find.


#poetry #georgemanos

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Topics: poetry, nature, romance, love
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