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by on October 12, 2021

The Truth is Shown


Tomorrow if you are reading this I won’t be here

I am taking a break from this site

While I appreciate the platform it has also stoked fear

That giving free time to our adversaries is also right.


It is time for Facebook to take a stand

Its management team cannot draft a constitution

Too much information from the wrong sources planned

This should be a place for expression not our diminution.


And then for those who expose your practices you punish

While you claim open dialogue is instead your norm

So those that threaten our republic you don’t admonish

But it will take more than hypocrisy to weather this storm.


I do appreciate the platform you have allowed for my poetry

A place for my art to enlighten and my words be known

But excuse my absence while my art speaks for me

The beauty of poetry is that here, too, such truth is shown.

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