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by on October 14, 2021

Angels Sigh


She dwells where Earth’s light cannot shine

But in a heavenly land beyond its daily view

Does your absence make you any less mine

Or diminish the love I have for you?


And where she is the living cannot know

She keeps a home where angels also stay

For I am sure she smiles at me below

For death or distance can’t keep our love away.


And Oblivion, itself, can’t keep her spirit down

Too bright she shines like the fairest star

And in her presence the brightest one is found

So from her light I can never be too far.


And she prepares, I’m sure, for when again we meet

In Heaven’s home prepares for us a place

So, when I arrive our love again complete

While the angels sigh when we again embrace.

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Topics: poetry, love, romance, nature
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