by On March 22, 2018
Canvas This canvas can portray the greatest love If only I can faithfully render it And in the loftiest lines of shades prove What my heart in your presence admit. It is bare now affording the opportunity To express what the ages will recognize How I longed one woman's love for me Oh, if only here could fairly depict your eyes. So, I am left like every artist left to pry his trade To leave the impression such love can convey Though no lines here equal to the love we made And the finest form when...
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by On May 15, 2018
The cloudy skies vanished, as the show began to shine. We arrived to the Like Totally 80's Festival while Tiffany kicked off the event, playing her hits songs and ending with "I think we're alone now". As the bands played we wandered through the many the merchant tents to find a local "event only business" Vinyl Obsessions where Shane aka Djdingbat ( found a few rare gems to take home. Concessions offered a variety of drinks, food that could satify nearly any craving. The ful...
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by On April 21, 2018
Forever Deep I saw this gem glistening on the ground And believed it shined for me Something so precious I had found Picking it up thinking it belonged to me. But, as of this earth, I had to give it back Something so beautiful I could not keep But for its sparkling moments did not lack The earth may reclaim, in my soul forever deep.
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by On April 8, 2018
The sound of the piano doesn't just add to a restaurant's romantic atmosphere. According to recent research, it also changes the flavors of the entrees. In 2011, researchers at Oxford University showed that participants given a piece of cinder toffee -- a treat chosen for its sweet and bitter flavors -- judged it as tasting sweeter when they heard a soundtrack that was electronically altered to include more high-pitched, piano-like tones. Likewise, participants rated the toffee as more bitter wh...
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by On November 19, 2018
Between us have been the eons. Before us the soft embrace Hold me close as the dawn awakens Release me before it leaves a trace Our time is a dream we cherish I am almost within you, A touch away from grace. The desire that haunts your senses, The secret you secret away Let go of inhibitions, my Love! Let exhilaration play the game. We are together against their wishes Only Destiny to take the blame No-one else will know the answer To the questions that you will face The heavens a...
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by On October 30, 2018
    Never Mine I saw a stone glittering but not for me Yet, for anyone else its brilliance see In this world not meant for such treasure Despite its beauty denied such pleasure. So, this stone does not, for all, shine Even its most colorful rays not mine With its hues so vibrant and bold  Never meant for me to hold. So, why am I teased by its brilliant array If not meant for me to stay? Shall I be content only knowing its there While its facets for me will not bare? So, ...
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by On August 23, 2018
No Use to Deny  And I love you no use to deny As if my feelings did not know Whenever near you my heart does fly  And past you do not want to go. What am I going, with such feelings, to do Settle with a routine life while for you pine? And how go through life without you  How empty the journey if you're not mine.  Yet, tonight the stars are bright but something miss And if I go out and their mystery see How more fitting if they the canopy of our kiss And their universe only com...
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by On March 22, 2018
Debates over privacy have plagued Facebook for years. But the news that Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm that worked on President Trump’s 2016 campaign, was able to gain access to private data through the social network has sparked an unusually strong reaction among its users. The hashtag #DeleteFacebook appeared more than 10,000 times on Twitter within a two-hour period on Wednesday, according to the analytics service ExportTweet. On Tuesday, it was mentioned 40,398 times, accor...
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by On May 1, 2018
Buy Now here on BandCamp! Nuanced, seductively crafty and filled with future sounds from way out. To be honest as lily-white, this intoxicating and saucy music is as groovy and hip as auditory interstellar fractals. Perfect for a smoldering shag or a chill out head bopping secene, you dig? Are you hep to this jive? "Plauge Eighteen" has all the freak out sounds to cut loose and get crocked. Taking you down carefully through nitty-gritty jams that everyone from mop-tops to flap-jaws and even f...
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by On June 27, 2018
No Road too Lonely No road too winding or long if you're with me And even the one less traveled only needs you I don't need to take a chance or the unknown see All I need is you by my side to know what is true. No day is too distant or ever too dark Not when you are there to provide the light And no night is so deep but sees your spark So from the abyss your hand takes me in flight. I see the gardens and think for me don't blossom But, then you show and are the fairest flo...
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by On June 21, 2018
Our Lot Before we reach the morning must get through the night And brave the roughest seas before finding the safety of the shore So be willing to face what is wrong to do what is right Our history made more by struggle than the peace we yearn for. For peace is not our right but comes with a cost Paid in tears, sacrifices and so much suffering But we should never think too high or all is lost It is not Heaven's hand but ours this promise bring. And the quietest days once the w...
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by On July 23, 2018
By Ethan Indigo Smith What is Sacred Geometry? Saturday, July 21, 2018 14:10       Sacred geometry can be understood as the study of spirituality and subtle energy through geometry. Sacred geometry and meditation assist the ascension of our understanding of spirituality and subtle energy. The Geometry of Energy How to Meditate unites sacred geometry concepts and meditation practices toward enhanced understanding of subtle energy, meditation and sacred geometry.   “Let none ign...
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