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by on February 26, 2021
Sonnet 350 (The Sight of You) Those giddy days when poetry was king To rule my heart when nothing else would do When days were dull your love to me would bring Then through these lines preserved the sight of you. And though you came, in life, you still did go Now left with empty verse to fill, instead With metaphors of love I once did know Your mem'ry keep what happiness has shed. But now I realize these lines may fail For though you may keep here your lips can’t kiss For words ...
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by on February 11, 2021
Sonnet 349 (Most Divine) Are you the one that Roses sweetly crown? The maiden that their garden grandly make? For one so fair their beauty must surround So, from your splendor more that they can take. Are you the light that rivals every sun? The brightest star their constellations feed? So, from your heart their radiance can run And from this place to Heaven you can lead. Are you the one that angels most admire? A maiden, here, whose beauty can’t compare? Whose love beyond their...
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by on February 3, 2021
The Most Beautiful One I thought I saw you twinkling upon a star No, it was only the light that it nightly shine Still, I can feel your presence no matter how far This universe is not so vast that you’re not mine. I believed I saw your smile rising with the dawn But it was the sun who was waking her brilliant head Yet, they day can never awake unless you are reborn And this world can never stir unless by your love led. I thought I heard your voice when I heard a robin sing But, n...
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by on January 29, 2021
Lost Love Again I saw this woman that proved life a mystery I believed the last angel was mine But through her radiance beckoned to me For from that realm, she was next in line. But this story had still more to say From a script I could never understand Not salvation but as a temptress came my way To see what could be but never have her hand. Cold world, learning how painful love is to lose Colder still, when even a salve denied I saw her respite but still it could not choose I...
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by on January 26, 2021
Death's Second Self This mythical fascination with immortality I believe each moment here is precious Though I know Death will stop for me Then the life I live here most relish. When that time comes and I must leave I wish my time here remembered well Though those left behind for me may grieve The example I left, I wish, lives on to tell. No need to hope this earth no limits give The time it allows is enough for me I am grateful for those moments it lets me live Though there ma...
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by on January 23, 2021
A Look I see the way you look at me And you see the way I look at you Our heart's invitation all can see Only a few words to see it through. Our feelings nothing can deny Now the next step they must take That our longing will satisfy And from our feelings our union make. And learn love’s appearance unknown It does not care if you believe it shows It is governed by what our spirit sown And only by what our heart knows. Seeing you again may be the time When our feelings to ou...
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by on January 4, 2021
 Only a Taste There was an angel that Heaven sent to me And through her spirit I learned to love A feeling that from this earth made me free I should have known it came from above. For soon from this place, she had to go And I was left to deal with what she left behind Without her love only sorrow left to know And nowhere else such love could find. And now I am left with only this question Should I go on without a woman so divine? Then have to continue having learned this lesson...
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by on December 18, 2020
Christmas Forever  the world was dark before, no end in sight Until that morn a babe was born here That from our darkness showed the light That showed us hope and no more fear. And now the darkness comes once more So why do we want to celebrate? For all that's bad goodness does abhor This day we show that it can wait. It may well be our fate uncertain For the babe turned man put it in our hands Will we rise to the occasion or pull the curtain? Maybe He the only one who understa...
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by on December 4, 2020
Christmas Every Day You say it’s Christmas every day and it is true Except this Christmas a couple things missing I will miss the snowfall and now, you Between the two, you the best dressing. I can go without the snow or the cold But that day on the beach I saw your radiance That warmth will not be here to see or hold Even though the sun shines in all its brilliance. So, I will look for Christmas in an empty season Maybe place a tree to spread some cheer Without the one who gave...
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by on November 27, 2020
The Love You Give  Isolated where paradise in all its grandeur live But its beautiful bounty is not meant for me For all its riches your precious love does not give  And for its landscape to be complete you I need to see.  So, I reside where heaven would call a second home  But where it best lived was in your eyes Now where all seems complete my heart needs to roam  To find the love that would be paradise’s greatest prize.  And the night’s moon beckons and the morning call The st...
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by on November 20, 2020
Love Never End  So, I now know what I felt not real How could I be so mistaken? And illusions for once did feel And my heart so falsely taken.  But why do you still live in my dreams? When your true feelings shown Love is seldom what it seems So, I must return to being alone.  But when I sleep you are still there What I can shake in the day not last For in the Night my feelings laid bare That from my waking world been cast. So, love not something rejection takes away Or wha...
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by on November 20, 2020
The Beckoning Sea The ghostly  sails of the ship Steer the vessel serenely on In the twilight that to the morning slips To the shore of the beckoning dawn. Its salty arms reaching the salty crests To pull it in where it finally rests. And the vessel embraces its home To end its star-driven journey  No more watery passages roam But the sand where its salty wake free.  Until the sea, again, enticingly beckons  And the shore's sandy arms let the vessel go For with the freedom o...
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