by On June 1, 2017
My Life’s Garden The morning comes but, in my heart, you first are mine Or else no use in waking up to the day And if you weren’t here the sun wouldn’t shine It will only shine if I know you will always stay. The birds sing but first I hear your song Or else their chords an empty harmony But with you here they sing that we belong Serenading the love, you share with me. The flowers blossom but your bud in me first grow Else my heart wilted no matter how bountiful For you are the ...
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by On August 9, 2018
Where Angels Sing You spoke, but your heart took over What I heard is your heart your words betray  So that propriety did not seem so sober  But, your love for me plainly say.  I wish we could tear convention apart  And let our feelings past it rise For there is no denying what is in our heart That no social pretense can disguise.  But, it seems our love must find another place  Even though, here, it seems so very clear Maybe only heaven our love grace  Only there your words ca...
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by On August 10, 2018
Where Love Best Belong  Why did I ever doubt what you feel for me? Today, you only showed how I am insecure  Before such stakes I was afraid what could be  But, then, your words spoke of something sure. What's left is that convention must be let aside  So your words my love for you express The proof when you're lying by my side And your body and soul before me undress.  But, what I write here this page only know  When I see you again can my desires obey? For the circumstances we...
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by On August 12, 2018
Love's Legacy  Life flows around me but not in my heart The sound and din of history  But, its legacy empty if we are not a part. And our future fruitful if yours with me.  Where the greatest civilizations arise They are meaningless to me without you Did not Caesar submit before a queen's eyes? And it was her conquest we see him through.  And I can't suffer, yet, another ordinary day  For the life you give makes it so much more It is only fulfilling if with me you stay For from...
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by On October 2, 2017
I don't want to get political about what happened while it is so fresh but I figured with all the back and forth going on from both sides I might as well throw in my two cents. People calling for "common sense" gun control and those taking up my usual stance of "more armed people would've been better" are both in the wrong. While there can be smarter steps to cut down on these events, confiscating all weapons of law abiding citizens is simply not plausible. There are roughly 9 guns for every...
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by On March 31, 2018
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by On May 15, 2018
The cloudy skies vanished, as the show began to shine. We arrived to the Like Totally 80's Festival while Tiffany kicked off the event, playing her hits songs and ending with "I think we're alone now". As the bands played we wandered through the many the merchant tents to find a local "event only business" Vinyl Obsessions where Shane aka Djdingbat ( found a few rare gems to take home. Concessions offered a variety of drinks, food that could satify nearly any craving. The ful...
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by On March 22, 2018
Canvas This canvas can portray the greatest love If only I can faithfully render it And in the loftiest lines of shades prove What my heart in your presence admit. It is bare now affording the opportunity To express what the ages will recognize How I longed one woman's love for me Oh, if only here could fairly depict your eyes. So, I am left like every artist left to pry his trade To leave the impression such love can convey Though no lines here equal to the love we made And the finest form when...
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by On April 21, 2018
Forever Deep I saw this gem glistening on the ground And believed it shined for me Something so precious I had found Picking it up thinking it belonged to me. But, as of this earth, I had to give it back Something so beautiful I could not keep But for its sparkling moments did not lack The earth may reclaim, in my soul forever deep.
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by On April 8, 2018
The sound of the piano doesn't just add to a restaurant's romantic atmosphere. According to recent research, it also changes the flavors of the entrees. In 2011, researchers at Oxford University showed that participants given a piece of cinder toffee -- a treat chosen for its sweet and bitter flavors -- judged it as tasting sweeter when they heard a soundtrack that was electronically altered to include more high-pitched, piano-like tones. Likewise, participants rated the toffee as more bitter wh...
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by On May 1, 2018
Buy Now here on BandCamp! Nuanced, seductively crafty and filled with future sounds from way out. To be honest as lily-white, this intoxicating and saucy music is as groovy and hip as auditory interstellar fractals. Perfect for a smoldering shag or a chill out head bopping secene, you dig? Are you hep to this jive? "Plauge Eighteen" has all the freak out sounds to cut loose and get crocked. Taking you down carefully through nitty-gritty jams that everyone from mop-tops to flap-jaws and even f...
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by On May 16, 2018
SlideME: Best Appstore in AndroidPit's Independent Review 05/16/2018 SlideME was rated best Appstore in AndroidPit's independent review. SlideME is a leading independent curated Android App & Games Marketplace, powering most of the AOSP OEM's preloaded with the SlideME Market, positioning SlideME second to Google Play in terms of global reach for Android Apps and Games distribution. For device vendors, leveraging the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) that does not include the Google ...
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