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by on November 20, 2020
The Beckoning Sea The ghostly  sails of the ship Steer the vessel serenely on In the twilight that to the morning slips To the shore of the beckoning dawn. Its salty arms reaching the salty crests To pull it in where it finally rests. And the vessel embraces its home To end its star-driven journey  No more watery passages roam But the sand where its salty wake free.  Until the sea, again, enticingly beckons  And the shore's sandy arms let the vessel go For with the freedom o...
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by on October 31, 2020
Only in the Night  I don’t want to sleep, to give in To the night don’t want to succumb  But it looks like the darkness is going to win And those painful dreams will come.  The point is that they are too real Even though I wake up to the day But they already awakened how I feel That in this world you could not stay.  No, I don’t want to sleep, though my body draws me near  Soon I know I will lose this daily fight To the realm my heart does deeply fear To find your love only liv...
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by on October 25, 2020
She Walks in Sunshine  She walks where sunshine must bow And from her radiance this world lives  And from her beauty all else does grow  For from her essence its purpose gives.  Where she sings the songbirds follow Where she sighs the wind exhales  So the songs her melody will borrow  And even a tempest in her wake pales. When the stars point their way she is already there Her light is what they enviously copy For in her aspect their grandeur laid bare  And the light shared wit...
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by on October 11, 2020
Only My Heartbreak  I said I loved this one and only woman  But about how many can we say the same? I guess that our feelings have only proven We are lured by the nearest flame.  I look back and how many like her do I see? Each one I swore I would love forever  Only to find out this was not to be I was left looking for another lover. So, I am left questioning if love is real If no one woman can this passion show  And left to question what I truly feel Maybe true love is somethi...
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by on September 2, 2020
I am forgetting you, even though you live in the sun’s shade And the moon’s glow, I still am letting you go And with each passing day your memories fade Soon the last leave and your love no longer know. Though I see you in my dreams you are still fleeting  For in the morning not lying in my bed So, the new day comes but not with your greeting And awake in a lonely room, instead. And through each day I see many faces but do not see you Soon I will not expect yours, in all its beauty,...
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by on August 29, 2020
When My Love Appear No lines can express what a heart can feel Though they can try their best to do For on this page futile to convey what is real For no words can take the place of you. And poor substitutes for the love you gave They must let imagination take your place Never enough, here, for your memory to save But only its outlines can trace. I see a Rose and appreciate its beauty For I know too well, soon, it will be lost Like those times you were next to me And then lonel...
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by on August 24, 2020
When Paradise Real  Paradise is not what I expected it to be I am still lonely with all this beauty around  For the one I love I cannot, again, see A true paradise only with you can be found.  I don’t know how long I can stay here I am only reminded of what I miss Paradise was only where you once did appear Staying here, something is still amiss. When together, it didn’t matter how harsh the weather  How dark or cold was each day We found warmth in being together  And this chas...
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by on August 22, 2020
My True Love Bring  We think we know about life but know nothing at all In one swift moment everything can be taken away And once you thought you were whole how quickly you fall For nothing here was ever meant to stay. And what we thought was valuable worthless turns out to be And what was truly precious too soon from its loss learn  In one swift moment this truth will see And then only for redemption can yearn.  And I would trade all the world’s riches for what I lost  But the l...
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by on August 15, 2020
e is All You Need I been beat down by society, but I refuse to give in I have been an outcast but do not care anymore Though it looks like the system will still win It will only prove that goodness abhor. Because my crime is, I do not subscribe to convention My path is my own to tread And I must follow my own direction And let my actions decide where it has led. And though not accepted, I prefer my free will The rest to some dogma or cause may believe But I will let my spirit wi...
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by on August 15, 2020
Heavenly Bridge She walks on Heaven’s bridge, its brightest star From its home to mine to bring her celestial light So that from her love I am never far Embracing her here but when gone never far from sight. For when she leaves, I only need look around For now, on this Earth is my paradise She descends so, in her arms, her spirit found And see the universe in her beautiful eyes. And when I look above from her home not apart Where the stars shine, I find her home There is no dist...
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by on August 13, 2020
Love Knows Everyone says it is wrong like they know about love  But love is that melody that sounds beyond its chords It is that glow that follows the stars that in Heaven move It is the passion that romance always affords. And you are the Rose that perpetually lives That no season can such beauty transcend But even in winter’s clime its radiance gives And to it coldest days its warmth lend. You are the Robin that in every clime sing That when summer ends find its purpose here F...
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by on August 9, 2020
Better Angel  I saw this woman and to her spirit did succumb  She made me believe that my heart was good And whatever problems I could still overcome  Because the goodness of my heart understood.  Now I hear that she is troubled by her own strife And this for one so sweet cannot be Not for one that showed me purpose in life  Now I am the one that her goodness can see. We are far apart, distance is in our way And maybe our paths will no longer meet But I know a woman from such be...
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