by on April 21, 2018
Forever Deep I saw this gem glistening on the ground And believed it shined for me Something so precious I had found Picking it up thinking it belonged to me. But, as of this earth, I had to give it back Something so beautiful I could not keep But for its sparkling moments did not lack The earth may reclaim, in my soul forever deep.
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by on June 27, 2018
No Road too Lonely No road too winding or long if you're with me And even the one less traveled only needs you I don't need to take a chance or the unknown see All I need is you by my side to know what is true. No day is too distant or ever too dark Not when you are there to provide the light And no night is so deep but sees your spark So from the abyss your hand takes me in flight. I see the gardens and think for me don't blossom But, then you show and are the fairest flo...
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by on June 25, 2018
Living Dream So tired but don't want to sleep Awake, despite how weary a chance to live While asleep no more hope I can keep My eyes better open so one more effort give. Succumbing to my dreams all I wish may come true What in this difficult world is now denied But, even if this realm brings me to you I see you In the sober morning know my dreams have lied. And though I am weary ready for this temptation Something inside of me makes me fight For it is only here I can ...
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by on June 23, 2018
In Your Arms When the sun shines it is only with your smile For if you don't only darkness the day will see But, when you do the day is now worthwhile For the sun exists to highlight your love for me. When the night comes you are its brightest star Without you the universe only dark In your presence your brilliance not far For it is your essence that gives its spark. The days I face can only be with your love That makes their greatest challenges small And that I meet th...
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by on August 15, 2018
My True Love  So, I lost all these women in my life  When one should have been enough  When love, once lost, brings no strife So, where is true love this life's proof? The dilemma is where is this world centered  If not around one which all else revolves? And if not by this one it has entered  The purpose of all this question not solves. If I lose you, too, is there someone to take your place  So, why these love songs or poems should I write  And if there is another beauty that ...
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by on June 29, 2018
There is Something Happening Here There's something happening here Not like it hasn't happened before But this time it is crystal clear We can't take too much more. But now we are too much on a divide You don't know who you think you know You thought they were cool but on the other side Unity from such discord can never grow. Everyone has to, on one thing, agree This country is facing an ominous change Forgetting how many sacrifices to make us free Funny how shallow p...
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by on July 27, 2018
Nothing More this World Give  Another day and I almost forgot you  Except that soon I will sleep  Where in dreams my heart bare what's true  If the day struggles to keep.  But, when the next breath I draw is sure Can I believe you won't be there? For nothing else in life but love endure  I may go on, but for nothing more care. This world may carry on its harried pace And what consumed it seem to fade Yet its shadow brightened by your face That, without you, only live in its sha...
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by on July 6, 2018
Your Love Inspire It is what is in my heart that matters most Not the fact that here what it feels convey For without my love this verse but an empty host It is only because it exists I have something to say. You are the colors that paint this page's canvas The music that gives its sweetest melody Without you mere words no meaning pass Only your love turns them into a rhapsody You are the waves that gently brush the shore The morning sun that cradles the day If I know yo...
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by on July 13, 2018
Meant to Be I tried to let you go as painful it could be Yet, I thought, despite reservations, let you go First, it seemed that you, from me, would be free But, when I looked again your image still show. Having failed, despite wrong , I cannot try this again To see you back I will not, through such trial, undo Now. I wish what returned is only destiny's refrain That no matter what obstacles will be with you. I will wake up to see if this miracle didn't disappear I will sl...
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by on July 14, 2018
Love is Never Altered I love you, please don't ever let me go Even when I am no longer here My love for you will always know This, not my leaving, is my only fear. Love is never by anything here altered For its spirit no earthly constraints transcend But, despite all odds, it grows undaunted Born of this earth, here will not know its end. But, an unwavering mark, like a star in the night That its fixed course never dulled or trimmed But, when the day ends is still in my s...
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by on July 19, 2018
No Sweeter Penalty That I love you must admit it But, if guilty must be acquitted For this is a crime that no punishment gives Except confined to you my happiness lives. Then, I will freely, to you, this sentence serve A prisoner to the love that to its cell is bound And feel fortunate that its confinement deserve For only within its constraints is my purpose found. Then, I will never, from its walls, wish to be free Better to be imprisoned by love than free to misery The p...
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by on June 26, 2018
Love’s Best Measure I am so weak while your love is so strong Before it my defenses fade away And, then, for you I most long Your love proves you are here to stay. If I had any doubts these you now remove Erased, my heart must now be clear Seeing how much your love for me will prove Now, all I need to live is you here. So, what you have shown I can now address When showing how much you care for me Then I will be bold enough so you undress And transform my doubt to our...
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