by on June 10, 2019
Where Our Dreams Ruled I saw you in my dream where life gives way The realm where nothing truly dies But, this is the one where I still live And you come to me only when I close my eyes. And though I am here nothing seems real A place where I force myself to stay awake When it is there that our love can feel The heart no logical path will take. For why should I not accept you are gone And as I go on why not, this fact, face? But I will only use this day to mourn The loss of one...
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by on June 2, 2019
Love You See Why is the Rose so splendid and sweet Aren’t there other flowers her beauty rival? But there is only one other fit to meet To bear her sight no other liable. One is flying back to where she lives The other in her home now sleeps While sweet memories one gives The other my heart now keeps. But will the latter be the other flower That to another Rose must bow? I only know that I live in this hour And this love for her I only know. And soon that other flower will l...
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