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by on February 24, 2019
Love You Love you, never leave you, I love you You will never know how much A love so strong dreams will never do For only in the day can I feel your touch. I love you, let me say this again and again Until the very universe runs out of space And only the robins will sing this refrain As serenaded by their melody we embrace. I love you, Time or distance can’t keep us apart For as soon as I think of you will come Nothing can come between our own heart My love to nothing else suc...
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by on December 26, 2018
I Need You I need you, only live to see you You are what makes life true Nothing else matters but this I need you, I need to taste your kiss. And many times, I sink to despair Because you are not around Life empty without you there With you my happiness found. I need you, please never leave Don’t go, in you I only believe I want you, need you to live I survive only by the love you give. And many times, I am so lost Because your love may not feel Without you pay too high a ...
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