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by on November 19, 2018
The hereafter is fashioned  by the guile of the righteous  It dwells through the ages  as Hell's fury and conscious  by the fears of those taught  to obey without question  the wisdom and thought  of old books and aged sages.  To govern what is learned  and to consider which of deeds  are seen noble or fiendish  by the watchers so unseen,  Who ascends or maybe burn?  As our guilt turns into torment,  we are given what is earned;  Id's creation from their seeds.  The shame of ...
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by on November 19, 2018
As bright as a shadow  upon the midnight sky  her omens are agents,  as furies they fly.  Seeking thy vision  her passion,  thy pain;  screaming at silence  as lightning to night.  Agony's daughter  so lonely she weeps  mourning the roses  who wilt at her feet.  As rain bellows down  beyond her gardens  fate befalls flowers  from tears they can't reach.  Whisper her name  as tongues of widows  dancing with malice;  the Ritual of Shadows  She beholds the world sadly  upo...
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by on November 19, 2018
My life is unremarkable I am neither villain  nor the hero. Living life on the sidelines, Always watching it quietly from the shadows. No events to mark my passing… On a cosmic scale of  10 above and 10 below My life is unremarkable  I am a zero I am a zero If you sacrifice  to make things right Or sway the tide  with your fight Take the world within your hands Turn your dreams into true deeds,  Take action wherever  there is need and just do the best you can You wi...
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by on November 19, 2018
In all the confusion,  a few moments of time  I had lost myself,  but everything is fine.  The wounds are healed  from the thoughts just before  although somehow still feel  like something's still torn.  In all the confusion,  just a few moments of time  I had lost myself,  but everything is fine.  The mirror keeps looking  for the things yet to be  my time spent reflecting  and expecting more out of me.  In all the confusion,  a few moments of time  thought I had lost ...
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by on November 19, 2018
As I slip into your room And watch you sleep softly I sing a lullaby To enter your dreams And try not to cry For tomorrow comes near It’s almost a new day To begin your life, little one, You are growing up, I fear…   And I don’t wanna say Goodnight But tomorrow comes near I just want to stay With you, stay right here   I hang on to this moment But memories can fade Turn away, but I look back To gaze at your face I linger with this minut...
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