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by on March 10, 2019
Don’t you ever think you can hide your love away Or that fickle Time could ever be your ally For Time, I know, will bring you back my way And then we both wish Time stop when, together, we lie. Like the long winter that seems forever cold Soon its steely grip must give way to the spring So that in the summer sun your body hold The harshest season soon surrender to the love you bring. And though the night has seemed only too long Where dreams are the only place you appear Soon the d...
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by on August 15, 2018
Long and Winding Road  I wandered down this long and winding road  Looking for love along the way But the twists and turns should have told  This is like finding a diamond in a field of clay  Until, with the oak trees yawning, the day awoke A spirit arose that its landscape stirred  And then the songbirds with this message spoke  In a melody that this earth now heard.  Until I treaded to a lake's beckoning shore Its rippling currents evoking an inner serenity  No matter how diff...
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