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by on 18 hours ago
Your Love Frees You are what makes the sun rise and set right And this world can continue its journey They must obey what you bring to light That your love they must first see. You are the chords behind what birds sing And so, they can continue their songs For their melody from your spirit bring And to their song your beauty belongs. You are what makes the moon shine So, the stars can their accompaniment play Showing Heaven that, here, you are mine And that it only belongs wher...
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by on February 18, 2020
Northern Girl   I met this Northern girl but in her felt no cold I felt warm around her I only wanted her hand to hold So, our love could stir.   I think I will text her tonight Right now, I am in the mood To shake away what is right So, in the morning don’t have to brood.   Then, scared if this Northern woman doesn’t reply But when I hear back from her, I learn Why no climate can from her heart pry That love that, in my heart, burn.      
23 views 2 likes
by on February 16, 2020
In These Lines Know   Here is where I can express my love for you For in this world what I feel must hide At least in these lines my love will prove And my passion’s rule will abide.   Here I can hold your hand and your lips kiss We can lay by the river’s edge in love’s embrace While outside this rhyme my dreams miss You live best here, outside an empty place.   In these lines we can reach the heights of ecstasy Like a Rose’s beauty nurtured by the sun ...
43 views 3 likes
by on February 13, 2020
It is You There is someone here that I find so fine I wonder does she know how I feel? Can I ask her will she be my Valentine? Are these words here enough to make it real? But it would be so hard my feelings to let her know So, maybe it is better I leave them longing here Then if I see her my affection would have to show Oh, to see her close my reservations disappear. I wonder if she reads this she knows who she is? I have written so many romantic rhymes before She certainly cou...
22 views 10 likes
by on February 8, 2020
You Will be My Lover  I am trying my best but can’t forget you Because you are the sun calling me And past the clouds of my loneliness shine through But I still can’t let it be. This, to myself, is what I always say And sometimes I may succeed Then through a Blue Jay’s notes you come my way And I realize your melody in my life I need. But, then again, I realize we are worlds apart And these thoughts chase out of my mind Then you become the wind caressing my heart Nothing more s...
40 views 16 likes
by on February 6, 2020
Sonnet 346 (Your Love did Meet) Shall I still mourn the loss my heat does know Like days that miss the notes that birds did sing? Or like the Spring your love in my heart grow And keep the warmth that once to me did bring. Shall I forget the times your beauty knew Like that sweet rose the cold its petals shed? Or like the sun your essence still shine through And no day dark but bright where your love led. Shall I go on but grateful for your love Like summers known before the wi...
43 views 8 likes
by on January 31, 2020
Never Far That I knew your love should carry me through The happiness I felt should always stay At least I can say your love in my life once grew And its roots still grow though you’re away. My life is richer because you were here And what I lost cannot compare Love lost still admits it was here And lost does not mean any less fair. What we had Time can never erase Though it took you away from me For everywhere I look see your face And from Time’s hold always free. ...
24 views 20 likes
by on January 31, 2020
Measure of Love Doesn’t the morning follow the night? So should the darkness seem so deep? For when I leave, you, again, will be in sight So the darkness, here, my sorrow cannot keep. Should the morning take you from my dreams? So the time with you, in them, mislead? I await that final morn when your aspect gleams To the place of peace your love has always led. Should this world keep you away from me? And so only your absence will know? No, one day from its hold be free Love...
28 views 16 likes
by on January 23, 2020
My Heart Only Longs Her hair flowed like a celestial stairway to the sun Beckoning me follow its waves to where angels go But I did not need to climb for she was the only one And caressing her hair the only pleasure I needed to know. And the birds surrounded us and chimed in delight By the lake where we lay and the wind by our side Then gazing into her eyes my heart took flight To where paradise awaits the passion of love's tide. Her hair, flowing, to show me on Earth such ecst...
62 views 62 likes
by on January 18, 2020
No One Else There is no one else I care to love I had one to show that it’s true After you, nothing left to prove The only love here I found in you. What are the rest of my days for? To go on without what makes them real? I will always look for something more For that one where love can feel. But, this I am left with now you are gone A life, without you, no purpose knows In your arms, instead, should belong This is where my happiness grows. There is no one else to take y...
54 views 83 likes
by on January 12, 2020
Life but a Dream I dreamt about you last night Again, what this world denies dreams make true Showing that this place never out of your sight And what it hides in another realm find you. And this dream stirred me to reach you here When you answered that dream became real So, the border between us should not fear For the permanency of our love reveal. And life is but a dream the bard does tell So, your beauty both realms transcend For when your love in my heart does dwell Our pa...
59 views 51 likes
by on January 9, 2020
Not the One I won’t be able to wait for your love You are too young for me This world can only prove We weren’t to be. But you are here I cannot deny But you will find another’s arms For the lucky one by your side lie I am not the one for your charms. I know I can see your beauty And how much it will grow But it is not meant for me It is for another to know. Your future is bright, that is true My last embers are dying You hold the last ...
55 views 41 likes
by on January 6, 2020
Your Love All I Need There is only one person this verse belongs to Or an empty page this would be These simple lines are dedicated to you And your beauty through them the world will see. You are the reason poets, their lofty lines, write Why the artists, their canvas, with beauty, fill Why the dreamers long for the starry night To find the source of all, here, wonderful. You are the reason my dreams are so sweet For in them our love does still passionately live And why the m...
51 views 17 likes
by on January 5, 2020
Living World I walked passed a glittering stone one day Attracted to it, I picked it up and held it in my hand Away from the light the glitter went away My stone was only a jewel if under the sun stand. And so, I held it in the sun's direction So, this plain stone a jewel could be Perhaps this is like our affection Only when the light is right our love can see. And then I laid this store back onto the ground So, when its light was right, attract other passersby The sun must ha...
36 views 11 likes
by on January 4, 2020
Love Need Not Learn I saw you again and could see it in your eyes There is something beyond the bounds of propriety What world will it be to have the one I prize? I have to take the one where you're next to me. Young spirit, you have so much, yet, to live My spark is flickering onto its last light You have so much love to give Your day is beginning, mine headed to the night. But, I am flattered by your affection I’d be lying that mine will not return Love brought you in my ...
59 views 3 likes
by on January 1, 2020
I Stared at the Sky I stared at the sky last night Thought that among the stars would find you But such beauty was nowhere in Heaven’s sight And despite the stars’ brilliance, only darkness knew. Today, the first day, what will this new year bring? Despite the world’s riches, missing its greatest treasure And with each passing day still nothing For this world, to me, by love its worth measure. But isn't that your spirit That the bushes move? Isn’t that your voice the birds brin...
72 views 10 likes
by on December 31, 2019
Happy New Year Happy New Year!
53 views 9 likes
by on December 29, 2019
Our Seasons Told Winter is here but the cold is at bay There is something warm in the air That all feel when standing in her way Where even winter’s cold turns fair. The clouds come bearing, not snow, but rain There is a goddess that's waiting below So what falls knows no icy strain In her arms winter’s kinder part know. When night comes, still she sees the moon For the darkness will never be as her love deep But in her light the dark will swoon Succumbing to the love her soul...
44 views 5 likes
by on December 25, 2019
Beautiful Christmas What a beautiful Christmas with my family That is what this world about And you, once again, so close to me That love rules, I should have no doubt. What a beautiful day Christ, this is what you tried to show In the footsteps of peace find a better way All from these steps can grow To keep evil far and let goodness stay. Does Heaven know that this angel is here? I saw her tonight and I know It’s true And if in her arms, there is nothing I need fear Tonigh...
53 views 8 likes
by on December 18, 2019
Heaven’s Angels I am surrounded by beauty if only I can see They are there waiting to end my sorrow Telling me that from it can be free So I don’t have to fear tomorrow. I only have to look up and realize What any other man would his world trade For a glimpse into their eyes And learn how Heaven on Earth made. And this it, Heaven its angels sent here To show me how my sadness passing And in all their beauty to me appear Shouldn’t my sadness give way to their blessing? Exc...
61 views 49 likes
by on December 18, 2019
Your Love I walked down this unbeaten road Here my thoughts were so free I listened as the trees their stories told That there was so much more to see. For past my solitude this world did wait To show me what my heart could find And that I must go before it's too late So I left leaving this road and my loneliness behind. And life’s sweeping currents picked up the conversation Telling me that past its borders its true meaning know For what is most valuable the one showing me a...
46 views 51 likes
by on December 14, 2019
I Need Your Love Like flowers the Sunlight's succor need to abide So that their beauty, now nourished, show Like oceans find the moon first rule their tide I need your love or only emptiness know. Like stars Heaven’s light first need to find So, when they shine point to another realm divine Like mountains the sky so their majesty can unwind I need your love so all on Earth is fine. Like the day needs the night so it can sleep And all that gives it life can gently rest So now th...
59 views 69 likes
by on December 11, 2019
So Sweet Why does someone so young and sweet come to me? You have your life ahead and so many guys lucky to have you I guess it comes down to chemistry Love from logic and propriety never grew. Yes, there is some magic to you, I see it in your eyes I know in your life you will go very far What you see in me is hard to realize Look at me as one who smiles on you as a guiding star. But, I am flattered by your sweet attention Have to admit this is hard to resist The feelings from...
51 views 68 likes
by on December 9, 2019
Take This Chance I got to write fast, got no time And can’t count on tomorrow So, I will let my dreams make you mine Don’t care if not there in the morrow. When you were with me wasn’t it an illusion? Because gone now, everything blurry And surrounded by confusion Like your body was never next to me. So, I will take my dreams tonight It won’t matter tomorrow you are gone For you will be as real in my sight As you were once here, but now for you long. I gotta stake everyth...
57 views 59 likes