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by on April 28, 2018
You are the One     You are one who my heart makes skip a beat Even when you're not here I still think of you For I know you're the one who makes my life complete Whatever else uncertain this I know is true.   The one that when the world glum makes me smile When all seems cold and dark turns it warm and bright When I feel all is lost in you proves what is worthwhile When I think I am lost all becomes known in your sight.   When I wish the day will end you m...
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by on May 4, 2018
You Complete the Spring   Love you, that shows in early spring's new majesty With every fresh blossom my love also grows There's one flower that completes its tapestry One rose that the reason for spring's rebirth shows.   When I pass by the  crimson foliage surrounded by a border in pink I can appreciate its grandeur If I know your love is mine For all this a mere decoration for the one my heart to it link And nothing more complete if I am holding what in nature mo...
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by on May 4, 2018
Always Claim what your Heart Yearns   If you try to reach the stars and fall short At least you can scale the romantic moon It's not how distant the journey your life will transport But, the effort itself that proves a boon.   There is no failure if your dreams can't realize in full It is your striving that is the mark of your success And all that we learn that our lives truly rule Is driven by the spirit no setback can suppress.   And if my love for you prove...
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by on April 21, 2018
Forever Deep I saw this gem glistening on the ground And believed it shined for me Something so precious I had found Picking it up thinking it belonged to me. But, as of this earth, I had to give it back Something so beautiful I could not keep But for its sparkling moments did not lack The earth may reclaim, in my soul forever deep.
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by on April 15, 2018
Where Such Love Store And that I love you have made it plain  Despite the odds that I have faced  And even though Spring comes again  It only lives if your love has traced. Yet, here it is with a portending glory once more  Allowing the flowers now unbowed with brilliance straight  But most erect stands one brighter than any flower  That for this season of renewal doesn't have to wait. And the fickleness of Spring does not, my heart, dismay  When the winds come and the sky is gra...
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by on May 4, 2018
Beauty Born   When you walk the flowers draw their beauty from you So that anyone admiring them shares in your soul And with their most radiant petals you shine through And with their sweetest fragrance your essence know.   And when you pass the ocean its tides you rule So that its ebbs and flows your heart's waves That its water’s baptism through me flow through So, at the bank of its splendor my soul saves.   Walking in the meadow that mountains ring The ...
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by on June 27, 2018
No Road too Lonely No road too winding or long if you're with me And even the one less traveled only needs you I don't need to take a chance or the unknown see All I need is you by my side to know what is true. No day is too distant or ever too dark Not when you are there to provide the light And no night is so deep but sees your spark So from the abyss your hand takes me in flight. I see the gardens and think for me don't blossom But, then you show and are the fairest flo...
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by on June 25, 2018
Living Dream So tired but don't want to sleep Awake, despite how weary a chance to live While asleep no more hope I can keep My eyes better open so one more effort give. Succumbing to my dreams all I wish may come true What in this difficult world is now denied But, even if this realm brings me to you I see you In the sober morning know my dreams have lied. And though I am weary ready for this temptation Something inside of me makes me fight For it is only here I can ...
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by on June 15, 2018
I Won't Forget You  Do you think, for a moment, I will forget you? Easier to forget that, in the morning, see the sun And even if the clouds prevent such a view Not your radiance telling me you're the one.  And even if the oceans forget to find the shore The moon forget, too, this night royally rise I'd be sitting by the bank wanting you even more Knowing its brightest star seen in your eyes.  And even if the gardens most colorful flowers fall And their fragrance in the air does ...
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by on June 15, 2018
All That Matters  Fortune can decide which way your life will go The path you choose is not preordained  Whatever you plan its consequences you don't know  Whatever faith you have to the truth is strained.  I could have made one right turn and then found you  Another turn then you I would have never known  And though I may write how much my love is true  Love is not so much scripted but through fortune sown. Does this mean that what we share less real  If someone else could have ...
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by on June 23, 2018
In Your Arms When the sun shines it is only with your smile For if you don't only darkness the day will see But, when you do the day is now worthwhile For the sun exists to highlight your love for me. When the night comes you are its brightest star Without you the universe only dark In your presence your brilliance not far For it is your essence that gives its spark. The days I face can only be with your love That makes their greatest challenges small And that I meet th...
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by on August 15, 2018
My True Love  So, I lost all these women in my life  When one should have been enough  When love, once lost, brings no strife So, where is true love this life's proof? The dilemma is where is this world centered  If not around one which all else revolves? And if not by this one it has entered  The purpose of all this question not solves. If I lose you, too, is there someone to take your place  So, why these love songs or poems should I write  And if there is another beauty that ...
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by on July 27, 2018
Nothing More this World Give  Another day and I almost forgot you  Except that soon I will sleep  Where in dreams my heart bare what's true  If the day struggles to keep.  But, when the next breath I draw is sure Can I believe you won't be there? For nothing else in life but love endure  I may go on, but for nothing more care. This world may carry on its harried pace And what consumed it seem to fade Yet its shadow brightened by your face That, without you, only live in its sha...
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by on July 13, 2018
Meant to Be I tried to let you go as painful it could be Yet, I thought, despite reservations, let you go First, it seemed that you, from me, would be free But, when I looked again your image still show. Having failed, despite wrong , I cannot try this again To see you back I will not, through such trial, undo Now. I wish what returned is only destiny's refrain That no matter what obstacles will be with you. I will wake up to see if this miracle didn't disappear I will sl...
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by on July 6, 2018
Your Love Inspire It is what is in my heart that matters most Not the fact that here what it feels convey For without my love this verse but an empty host It is only because it exists I have something to say. You are the colors that paint this page's canvas The music that gives its sweetest melody Without you mere words no meaning pass Only your love turns them into a rhapsody You are the waves that gently brush the shore The morning sun that cradles the day If I know yo...
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by on July 14, 2018
Love is Never Altered I love you, please don't ever let me go Even when I am no longer here My love for you will always know This, not my leaving, is my only fear. Love is never by anything here altered For its spirit no earthly constraints transcend But, despite all odds, it grows undaunted Born of this earth, here will not know its end. But, an unwavering mark, like a star in the night That its fixed course never dulled or trimmed But, when the day ends is still in my s...
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by on June 26, 2018
Love’s Best Measure I am so weak while your love is so strong Before it my defenses fade away And, then, for you I most long Your love proves you are here to stay. If I had any doubts these you now remove Erased, my heart must now be clear Seeing how much your love for me will prove Now, all I need to live is you here. So, what you have shown I can now address When showing how much you care for me Then I will be bold enough so you undress And transform my doubt to our...
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by on July 19, 2018
No Sweeter Penalty That I love you must admit it But, if guilty must be acquitted For this is a crime that no punishment gives Except confined to you my happiness lives. Then, I will freely, to you, this sentence serve A prisoner to the love that to its cell is bound And feel fortunate that its confinement deserve For only within its constraints is my purpose found. Then, I will never, from its walls, wish to be free Better to be imprisoned by love than free to misery The p...
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by on August 10, 2018
Where Love Best Belong  Why did I ever doubt what you feel for me? Today, you only showed how I am insecure  Before such stakes I was afraid what could be  But, then, your words spoke of something sure. What's left is that convention must be let aside  So your words my love for you express The proof when you're lying by my side And your body and soul before me undress.  But, what I write here this page only know  When I see you again can my desires obey? For the circumstances we...
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by on July 21, 2018
Only Belong to Me I saw this diamond laying on the ground While, to everyone else, did not see Perhaps only to my eyes it could be found And its beauty only belongs to me.
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by on August 12, 2018
Love's Legacy  Life flows around me but not in my heart The sound and din of history  But, its legacy empty if we are not a part. And our future fruitful if yours with me.  Where the greatest civilizations arise They are meaningless to me without you Did not Caesar submit before a queen's eyes? And it was her conquest we see him through.  And I can't suffer, yet, another ordinary day  For the life you give makes it so much more It is only fulfilling if with me you stay For from...
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by on July 21, 2019
Life Without Love I know what life without love is A poor poet struggling for tools to find Never needed when I tasted your kiss Then inspiration would never leave me behind. I could compare you to a summer's day And show how you were more fair Now this world only gets in the way And Heaven's gain, for you are there. Yes, to our love these words could be a testament And, if read, give new life to you But when I close the page you are absent Mere lines to express my love will never do. L...
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by on August 28, 2018
No Time for Vanity  So to time is cruel with its hand  Because no time for our vanities  At least long enough here to stand To show our vainglorious trivialities. But, thought the stage of perfection  Where the world would bend to our will Then an invisible force introduces oblivion  While this world stubbornly refuses to stand still.  Never a part of what was our infallible plan That all would bend to our quest for control  That civilization only before our power stand  Sudden...
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by on October 13, 2018
Sonnet 340 (Final Winter) I watch as leaves from Arbor safety fall Once swathed in summer breaths of cold now blast Their brilliant shades can’t breach the nighttime pall What seemed so long, in truth, can never last. And, so, I saw forever in a leaf Before its cradle of tranquility And learned our life’s own season is as brief While Heaven did beckon only distantly. And though the leaf did fall, the tree stood still  What fragile showed, to me, a higher plane We are like leaves...
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by on September 9, 2018
Don't Go  Oh, don't go, but, wait you are not here I guess in my heart you never leave Though in this world you don't appear Not seeing you, only left to grieve.  Don't go, honey,  let my dreams be Or else in them please let me see your face If here such beauty I cannot see It does not matter in what realm you embrace.  Can you please stay around long enough to hold And not let my imagination your absence cover? Now you give what the best love stories have told  I will sacrific...
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by on July 4, 2018
What Else is Right? I love you and you love me But, from this world we have to hide So we have to act like this not be In some other place by my side. How it hurts, I must acknowledge this Standing so close but you cannot choose Knowing here I can never know your kiss Then this place would gladly lose. It pains me that what we feel conceal So, my last days live in love's denial While, here, ignoring what I feel I am not ready for so harsh a trial. Then, colder still, mus...
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by on August 22, 2018
Only There for Me  I saw this stone he sun gave in its best light But, soon the night its facets will not show  Is it enough that dreams put it in sight  And its full brilliance then know. It is only in the day its value realize  And the sun’s rays make clear That in its light, past dreams, most prize How much better you are here.  You are the diamond that dimensions transcend  Your brilliance rivaling the stars that shine  And, so the night can only your beauty send The heaven...
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by on July 28, 2018
Bridge  You make me feel like a man Oh, let me prove how much What doubts your passion only can Now,  I only long for your touch.  So, this longing you have made live  To have you rekindling my attraction  With the passion only you can give  And mine to satisfy my infatuation.  You make me submit to your desire  That you show it my resolve renew  We both succumb to our love's fire Consummated when I lie with you.  Now, from doubt to confidence inspire  No other woman could ...
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by on July 19, 2018
Did I Say I Love You? Did I forget to say, today, that I love you? Then this world around Heaven no longer turns And though the sun shines the sky not blue Unless this place grants me what my heart yearns. How could I forget what in my soul is ingrained? Easier to forget that the night tomorrow bring If that happened how much would I be pained No matter how desolate you make my heart sing. As the days go by and it seems your memory diminish Everywhere I turn I still see you sm...
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by on August 27, 2019
Seeing You Again You looked as radiant as the summer sun Except the sun’s rays not as bright  As your affection that through my soul run That reaches into the outer bounds of night. And seeing you I realize how much I miss  All these days so empty without your embrace  When you were here dreaming about your kiss  Now, only see, without you, an empty place.  Tonight, distance only makes my hurt more real  That I have to hope my dreams will redress  What the day denies the night c...
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by on April 6, 2019
The Reason I see you in the sun’s rays that on this earth fall In the clouds that decorate the sky I hear you in the birdsongs that your melody call And in the ocean waves that make me sigh. I feel you in the warmth the spring does bring I see you in the flowers that begin to grow I fly with you with the birds that take wing To the warmth of your love that will know. This world can turn but its journey not complete And the sun that it circles not the true center For it is with y...
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by on December 8, 2018
Best Stand You are not here so nothing to feel Only empty lines this page can fill I have to pretend that life is real When I have to go on without its thrill. I can say that as soon as I think of you are here And that absence makes my heart more fond But when the sun sets its light will disappear And only highlights the dark to your wake abscond. If I see you, even more, you body touch That is the light that kindles my fire And no lines written can ever want you as much As whe...
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by on August 17, 2019
Embrace There are other days to come All while you’re not here So don’t ask why to sorrow succumb The price of this loss was too dear. So, I must live for the time to me allowed But, each minute more than I care Until that last when to eternity bowed And find that you are there. So, I go on and there are days to forget Except deep in my heart I know That Time does not heal but my appetite whet When it counts my life no more and to you go. This life may be a dream rounded in ...
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by on August 19, 2019
Love Like This Hello, beautiful, I still see you You cannot ever totally go away Because even when my day is through At night in my dreams you will stay. How could the morning come otherwise? But knowing that your spirit in me live The sun's glow could never match that of your eyes And so much more brightness to my day give. So, I must in my life your spirit preserve But, for this I have no fear For this world as your gateway serve For no matter how far, you still are here H...
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by on August 16, 2019
Only our Affection Appear I know I can’t talk about this How wrong it can be But your presence miss Because you came to see me. Still, I know this is wrong I must shake this away What our hearts long Society stands in the way. And this may be right You must first grow for me to know Except in your sweet sight All this logic can’t go. So, what else can I do? Except to write this futility here Until the next time I see you And only our affection will appear.
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by on August 27, 2019
Have Not Forgotten I have not forgotten about you Any more than the day can forget the sun Or the moon through the night shining through For from your spirit they run. Don’t think Time has gotten in the way My heart to it can’t be controlled But must give way to a power it can’t sway For our love will past it’s reach still hold. Any more than a Robin's notes can’t sing Or the waves forget to roll into the shore The music that soothes my soul always bring While on the banks your...
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