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by on July 10, 2020
To Stay  A new place, another chapter to be written  The contents of which I am unsure  But I hope my role is fitting  For a man who has already too much to endure.  This final part I play I wonder who will decide If it even cares about my past  For will it to my hopes or to fate abide And if the right players cast.  But here my will and  fate can agree There is one way to happily conclude this play And if fate doesn’t decide on tragedy  That my love returns to me to stay. 
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by on July 3, 2020
No Love can Last  A flawed person can never make a perfect decision  Any more than the tides can move the moon  For there must be a purity for perfection  Where different chords can sing the same tune. I don’t want to get up to a world where you are gone  How can I go on where love is lost?  Like this world’s melody needs your song Or else its chords its music lost. And hard to look for perfection in an imperfect race  Any more than a summer without the sun No warmth can feel in...
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by on July 1, 2020
Time is Never Enough  Time is something we think we have but never enough  What seems lasting only briefly last  And that this is true our mortality proof  So, whatever we do under Time’s shadow cast.  If you see a Rose please don’t pass it by But stop and enjoy its beauty  For it grows in splendor for you to eye  But if you pass it by may no longer see.  Enjoy the melody that the Robin sing  Her notes come only briefly for this time of year  She comes so to your heart comfort b...
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by on June 25, 2020
Words Words are meaningless unless spoken from the heart If not, they are empty and lead to heartbreak What I believed now tears my heart apart Not caring for the next daybreak. Speaking from your heart can be a weakness You lay bare to the world your soul Hoping you have found happiness Where false words can never go. Now I am stuck here, nowhere to turn But with only words to express my pain The same ones that lifted me, now for happy ones yearn That this loss can in my heart...
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by on June 13, 2020
Forever Mine  Where can I see you if not here? The sun shining down says there In her starry realm you appear At least I know you are in Heaven’s care. But how will I fill my world when you are gone? When shadows of our life only know? But now to a higher realm you belong The one for which I now long to go. But, yet, these days until then still empty So, for what reason should I stay? Maybe your memories enough to get me by And remembering our love points the way. I should b...
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by on June 9, 2020
Always Stay  I saw this Rose today in all her splendor  If only that moment was forever  Her beauty wouldn’t have to remember  So to no season it would surrender.  If only her radiance to time preserved  And could bask in it every day  So, her short stay here well served And nothing else stands in her way.  She was magnificent in her pink attire  Dressing my day in the brightest hue  Such beauty time should never retire Like those memories I have of you.  And you are that Ro...
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by on June 6, 2020
Words of Love There’s nothing to write about, nothing to say  The one I loved has gone away So, this emptiness is all I know And without your love will only grow.  And nothing to live for, nothing without you  You were the only reason I knew  Now I have nothing my heart move  And nothing more here to prove. But I go on living, nothing more Going through the motions, once out the door Facing a crowded world still empty It was only full when you were with me. Yet I cannot forc...
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by on May 17, 2020
Why Should I Care? Sitting in a world of illusion, a ball of confusion  Not that it matters to me My love has gone,  left me forlorn  Now I long to be free. This world is cascading, turning then fading But why should I care? For you went away, now only my sorrow stay And for happiness don’t dare. And the world upside down, inside out and around  But long ago stopped planning the game  For anything good only where you are found  Long ago never the same. I read the news today,...
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by on May 3, 2020
Something Higher  It looks like something unsettling to see But, some people tell me I’m wrong  Rather deny something we supposed reality Than admit to the community we belong.  Then let this hidden enemy go unchecked  So, who fought it did so in vain  And the chain of life wrecked  From our baser instincts didn’t refrain.  Still, for the greatest number give hope  There is a genius that in them resides  So, for the most difficult challenges cope Now for this goodness must take...
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by on April 26, 2020
Love Love is an ever-fixed mark that never alteration finds But lasts past even the reaches of Time It is the essence that the universe binds And not even confined to this rhyme. No, it never bends to fickle need or passion But only feeds them, instead Once lit is the flame past all reason That is the light to where our heart is led. It is the Northern Star that guides the sailor to shore Even though the tempests threaten his vessel Guiding him past the storm and to safety’s har...
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by on April 24, 2020
In My Heart Will Stay  Don’t you know that you can never leave? You can never be too far away  Then I should never grieve For your love, in my heart, will always stay.  And this world better because you were here Without you much emptier would have been  Those years you gave me will never disappear  And those that remain your memory will win. So, I should not wallow but instead be glad For love like ours is never truly lost And be grateful for the happiness we had Thinking of t...
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by on April 23, 2020
I Always Need Your Love   Like the day needs the night so it can sleep And all that gave it life can rest And the morning’s progress can keep I need your love so to my happiness attest.   Like a rainbow whose radiance fed by the sun So, the rain satisfied that gave it birth On this earth, to me, you are that one Where you lovely light the fountain of my worth.   Like the ocean whose tides need the shore So that they can finally land You are my harbor whe...
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