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by on 19 hours ago
My Special Siren See **** Having a coffee here at Starbucks It’s a bold Grande but not to be mistaken for that siren I am only sitting here waiting for some luck And, I bet past even a few more Grandes, still waiting. But, why complain, who's going to listen to me anyway? Well, I can write for another audience This world won't give me the time of day Maybe who listens to me has a better conscience.  Wow, my cup empty, time for a refill I guess no answers even as it gets empty Unti...
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by on October 11, 2019
Hello Darkness **** Hello darkness we meet again At least in you I have a friend As the silence around is creeping Its sound tonight too loud for sleeping. **** And so, I have this time to write No time to dream of you tonight Words that will the morning awake To speak of what my heart did break. **** Until the day will prove this true Its light is lost without you And so, the sun a stranger to me For though I look you cannot see. **** And I can’t any answers find Nothing here ...
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by on October 7, 2019
With My Love **** This should be the night for dreams but I am awake For what I long for in them not truly appear I am waiting for you to come for me to take And when the morning comes from here disappear. **** And in my room I hear only a silent sound The perfect setting from which to leave the world behind For the sounds of life here are not where I am found Better go now to where Heaven’s melody find. **** I know the stars are up and to me are beckoning For they are the stairway ...
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by on October 1, 2019
Only Where You Are **** This is the day that ends all days Because I realize that the next one is without you And now the next one will realize That my time here is through. **** Except in the morning I will awake Minus the one who gave this world meaning So, the sun may shine but my brightness take And leave me longing for the evening. **** When I can look up to see the nearest star Imagining that there is where you have gone And believe to reach you not that far For no distance ...
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by on October 1, 2019
The Other Side **** I saw the other side and tried to draw me in So, when I say I want to be with you why stay? Yet, I pulled back into this place but no peace win Except you saying from my family can't go away. **** I saw a white world and I knew the next place One day, I know I won't be able to fight back But I fought even when there could see your face I should have let go, maybe the courage I lack. **** Easy to say because you didn't want this to be But, tonight, I know this strength would s...
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