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by on November 17, 2019
Back to the Beginning  It has been a long and winding road, it is true Enjoying the good, suffering the bad Most of all, traveling the rest of the way without you But, for the moments together, should be glad.   And I find there is good and bad everywhere It is up to me to see the larger picture For whatever wrong only for what's good care Now, without you I must, in my faith, be sure. And what’s left of my journey a new path take Back to the beginning and, finally, back home in ...
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by on November 16, 2019
My Heart Costs  Every day is a struggle to survive  Alienation is my best friend I know I won't get out of this alive So, I know how my story will end. I don’t pay attention to what's happening I tune the discordant sounds out Once, all my fervor to a cause would bring Now, I don’t care what it’s all about. This is the way I look at our society Learning I was never a part Whether philosophy or sophistry No more in their conflict take part. I was always on the outside looking...
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by on November 14, 2019
Paradise to Me  I thought I told you how much I love you While the sun was smiling over our love And the moon lent its romantic rays as it knew For our love is why the universe move. But as many times I told you maybe needed one more To keep you here and Heaven only envy But, as much as Heaven called I needed you more  For on Earth you were paradise to me. And the love we had in itself is divine And this earthly paradise our happiness promised Which can only happen if you are mi...
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by on November 12, 2019
In My Life  There are places that I go Some the same, some are new But wherever I end up I know  The best place is where I met you. There are people I met, some forget, some remember But each one a special part my heart did fill Times too soon gone, some seeming to last forever But, you are the one that stirs my heart still. Of all my sweet memories you still rise above  Beyond life’s best moments most treasure  For in my life only you show me true love And from this my happine...
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by on November 10, 2019
Best Bring I walked upon this road and heard this bird's sweet song Suddenly I realized that I wasn’t the only one For with each note I learned to this world belong And away from it can never truly run. Even finding my way across the most distant sea I can look up and see a guiding star Beckoning me back to humanity For despite the ocean around never far. For there is a mortal bond we can’t break From here are born and together from it will go And this can be a paradise we make ...
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by on November 8, 2019
Never Question  Reaching out to you is so hard to do Even though I should know our affection share Still, every time reaching you is new And trying to attract you again must dare.  Emotions are never settled But, like the oceans’ web and flow  Even love’s power is unsettled For I have to hope to my shore you go. And where the sun casts its last ray And where the morning holds its promise  I should know this where your love stay  All uncertainty gone with your kiss.  Where em...
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by on November 4, 2019
Only Guarantee And, so, this is the last night here  Tomorrow back to the routine I guess you didn’t appear But you can see me in this line. . And what’s left of my world waiting Oh, so hard to leave serenity behind But, I feel, past this peace, something hiding Serenity not the only thing I needed to find. Sometimes there is even trouble in paradise Believing from the tumult far away Bu didn’t even catch a glimpse of your eyes Without this angel no reason to stay. To face a ...
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by on November 4, 2019
Someone I Yearn What’s worse than an empty page a writer can’t fill Or a canvas a painter can’t paint? Without inspiration not a single word or stroke spill And all the skill without it to these can’t acquaint. What’s worse than a morning without the sun Or an ocean without the shore? Without the spirit behind it can’t run For without purpose nothing more. How would the day be without a bird's song Or at night without the stars that shine? Without my soul this melody doesn’t bel...
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