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by on August 2, 2020
Sonnet 348 (Your Radiance Show) This is the night whose stars most clearly shine Because my love the brightest of them all An earthly star, not Heaven’s, but mine Whose brilliance even angels does enthrall. And through the void your spirit I still feel No distance keeps a love like ours away And through your hold I learn all else is real The thought of you keeps my darkness far away. And so, the night can never grow too deep For on this earth the morning with you lives And when ...
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by on August 2, 2020
A Day at the Cape with You  The Cape has its pristine blue waters rushing to its crystal white sand While its majestic lighthouses beckon to the shore But its best treasure is you holding my hand In this earthly paradise want nothing more. That day when you drove beside me I can hardly describe Like an angel descending to comfort me And from your beauty this day did I imbibe So, my troubles from these magical moments free. And watching the ocean waves touching my feet And the war...
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by on 13 hours ago
Do Not Go Don’t lose your soul so easily  It is too precious for this Don’t think if you escape you are free What you leave behind you will miss. I know it may seem there is a better place  And you can forget what you leave behind  But a different location won’t change what you face Anyway, is it ready for one so kind? A spirit like yours is, I know, rare Maybe this is something you don’t realize  Would you leave behind those who care? To let go those who your beauty prize? ...
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