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by on December 2, 2019
I Am Fine I am alone but am fine Like that solitary star that's still a guide Once complete when you were mine Still, I am glad you were once by my side. Now I go ahead and I don't care Isn’t life sweet still? Shouldn’t I another love dare If only I possess the will? Life is still good, this must believe And each day should appreciate I am so glad sadness can't conceive Only instead, my gratitude can’t wait. And I shouldn’t worry about reminders of you Even though they ...
32 views 33 likes
by on December 9, 2019
Take This Chance I got to write fast, got no time And can’t count on tomorrow So, I will let my dreams make you mine Don’t care if not there in the morrow. When you were with me wasn’t it an illusion? Because gone now, everything blurry And surrounded by confusion Like your body was never next to me. So, I will take my dreams tonight It won’t matter tomorrow you are gone For you will be as real in my sight As you were once here, but now for you long. I gotta stake everyth...
16 views 31 likes
by on December 7, 2019
Each New Day You can never leave your love behind Any more than the sun can leave the day For love is that light that leaves me to find Your love’s light that helps me find my way, And you may think love you now have lost But morning comes and she is here For love is too good for my life to cost Because in my life you did appear. For why would I see another sunrise If you I never, again, would see? It continues because your essence here lives Even though you left, not your lov...
15 views 37 likes
by on December 8, 2019
Heaven’s Gate Having survived the day until dreams the night reveal Where I can live again seeing you And in them our love can feel The morning brings only memories have to get through. So, what does it say of my life depending on the night? That I can't wait to run for its escape And what shall I say of the morning light? That stirs all else but my heart still can’t drape. So, this is the place I must live in that’s empty Looking for its dreams where your love does wait Until ...
11 views 34 likes
by on December 11, 2019
So Sweet Why does someone so young and sweet come to me? You have your life ahead and so many guys lucky to have you I guess it comes down to chemistry Love from logic and propriety never grew. Yes, there is some magic to you, I see it in your eyes I know in your life you will go very far What you see in me is hard to realize Look at me as one who smiles on you as a guiding star. But, I am flattered by your sweet attention Have to admit this is hard to resist The feelings from...
6 views 17 likes