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by on April 17, 2020
Nothing More this World Gives  Your hair brushes back the gentle wind So that the world your beauty knows Gentler still after your presence find So, everything it touches your love grows. Your eyes give this world its finest sight  So that everything seen through your heart And everything clearer in your light So that from your gaze I will never be apart. And the oceans ebb and flow in your wake Your draw is more powerful than the moon It is from your influence my heart take  S...
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by on April 13, 2020
Meant for You   Young spirit, do you know who you are to me? From when a man first drew his breath you were there In a pristine world one beauty he wanted to see Where everything new, nothing else as fair.   You are that spirit around which this world turn The purpose that gives its fullest meaning Without you nothing else for which to yearn And nothing else on earth worth learning.   The spring can only come into full bloom in your light You are its faires...
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by on April 9, 2020
Where Our Love Lives  You came back into my dreams last night  I guess your memory can't forget You may be gone but never out of sight And these days your absence never whet.  I awoke but back into this dream returned This is where I want to live Better than awake where love is only yearned The darkness has so much more to give. Once again awake, then back to sleep for that is where our love is found If only I could stay and it would keep  At least here for the night I am bou...
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by on April 8, 2020
Something Learned   I saw a robin singing ushering in the spring But something else was in the air For in this season of rebirth something else on the wing And now the cherry blossoms not as fair.   How cruel to finally pass the winter cold To see each day longer grow That through the warmth something chilling take hold To temper spring’s beauty, we have come to know.   As if to teach us our expectations can be overturned Nothing we know can ever be taken f...
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by on April 5, 2020
Now Belong   I thought there was little left in life to know And then there is you Beauty picks no time to know But in your spirit passes through.   But while the world dark you make bright And my own night delay For I see Heaven in your sight No need to go that way.   Then all I need do is in your sight stay All the beauty I need is here Maybe Heaven let you get away So, you, my angel, are always near.   I thought life, little else, to me could...
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by on April 3, 2020
Sonnet 347 (From these Lines) The rain may fall and, too, the wind may blow But, still, inside my heart the sun does shine Because our love you let the world now know And now don't need to live within this rhyme. And like the sun that, soon, will find the day What burns inside can’t long remain so far And your own warmth you brought along my way That love I feel no darkness, here, can bar.  Our secret, here, could hardly have been kept The passion that we share is much too strong...
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by on March 29, 2020
Life With Your Love  And what do I write for, what do I live for, without you? The sun, at least, has this world to awake But, to me, the day is already through  And I am dark before the night does break.  Without you, what else on this page fill? Talk of the Spring bringing the bird’s song? I should because our love’s rebirth does fulfill And the summer will come before long.  You are why I even write these lines at all Without you, no use for this blank page The loftiest lines...
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by on March 29, 2020
Always Embraced   Here I am with this laptop instead of a pen or quill And its keyboard for its strokes impressed here But this should not be a barrier to a poet’s skill Another medium for our art to appear.   But my theme will remain the same Despite what means I use it to convey My love for you will, instead, appear in this frame But beyond here I wish in your heart stay.   A new way to express what is old The love I have that is still new No matter th...
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by on March 27, 2020
Young Spirit   Young spirit, I will let you to your life go You have too much to offer And my world could never know Let you share yours with another.   But you know this, I have learned Still, I see you stay Why such beauty have I earned When you could have gone your way?   Another teenage infatuation That is all this must be Another must know your affection It was never meant for me.   But, young spirit, your beauty here confide I am glad t...
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by on March 25, 2020
Even Heaven Teach  Don’t think Time has separated you from me Or that distance can do the same thing  That is saying love is never meant to be  And never to me such fulfillment does bring.  This Earth is only Heaven’s proving ground  To see if our passion to its home elevate  Then no more proof than our love found  I only wish for you it could only wait.  When you were here found paradise  Nowhere else needed to be  All I needed to do is look into your eyes And you were the ang...
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by on March 17, 2020
No Enemy can Break our Heart (Inspired by Tijah Hadijah Ahmmed)   That we are one in this world we should already know And should not take anything to prove But that it does our vulnerability show And what unseen our humanity will move.   And to combat this another invisible force The faith for our kind to persevere And that we should survive it enforce Learning that for each other are we here.   This battle is now waged and will overcome For faith is the s...
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by on March 14, 2020
My Heart Grown I thought that you were a lost sun Lost in the illumination of the cosmos But I realized, for me, you were the one  And the universe was your host. I don’t think you were ever far away  Maybe my paranoia got the best of me  Love like yours is meant to stay  And yours is always there for me.  But I gave up believing you were gone  When you were always there  Sometimes what we believe is wrong If from our lives love scare.  But your heart, for me, was always min...
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