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by on November 1, 2020
The Promise In a few days, our nation will let the world hear our voice And it will be loud, and it will be clear To learn we only had one choice To choose hope over fear. It may have looked like we were divided And that our democracy was in danger But in a few days, we will show we are still united Who bet on our experiment laid the best wager. The people are the ones who understood it best Not our institutions or those leaders untrue They are the reason we will pass this test ...
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by on August 5, 2020
It is What it Is  There's a plague that stands as your test You people are, every day, dying  You say you are doing your best when we know you are not even trying. And worse, in this tragedy, you find support Instead of unity, you create a nation divided History will not give you a good report The evil you have done already decided. All these deaths are at your hand Even though you show no remorse Not long from now we will make a stand And from our nation remove this curse. ...
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by on February 1, 2020
More Swiftly your Fall Remember the days when "Love is All You Need"? Those sit ins on the Boston Common looking for a better way? From our concern for humanity we succumbed to greed So, again, The role of the revolutionary we have to play. From a nation united to one divided we have become And the winds of a new civil war are brewing From this battle no one can hide and no one run We must understand that history is now calling. And the architects of our constitution would be di...
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by on January 10, 2019
A Divided House I will say the sky is blue and you say it is black But what facts I argue will disagree The truth trivialized though it attack But, still, we will only disagree. What can I say to our political situation When different views will not waver? So too trite to postulate salvation What springs from truth can’t savor. So, where can we find a path to follow When you say yours is as true? It will make any other way shallow Then you want me to follow you. Then our pro...
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by on November 11, 2018
Up to You The election is over and still the wusses won Some guy wants to run AG and he gets a pass The Fake Media cowering as he come No Senate approval, so kiss Trump’s ass. Blue wave, except you listen to it a trickle So you won, okay the Senate was stacked But why does your coverage have to be so fickle A win never properly called because courage lacked. Let me give you the facts you miss The people are divided but you only debate Because to the elites' butts you still kiss ...
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by on November 8, 2018
A New Day A new day has dawned in this nation of dreams Where evil arose to claim no paradise here But the waves of goodness over iti bank teems It is what lifts us up that this darkness should fear. I see that the people have against this arose This time, they will not so easily be fooled And the pact offered to us for love will close Those who chose power see how briefly ruled. The battle goes on, power not easily overthrown Yet, those who resist have a spirit that runs deep A...
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by on November 4, 2018
You Say You Want a Revolution? You say you want a revolution counting me out Like you don’t need this one man at all You figure you can win while I don’t count And you wonder why you always fall? Because the change you want takes everyone Something you, sadly, don’t understand And that day our victory will only come When together with you the rest of us stand. For your revolution is not reserved for the few Your battle cry for the reason you fight But both sides wrong unless thi...
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by on August 25, 2018
Goodnight  Goodnight Senator McCain  Your life was anything but plain It was not the issues we could dispute  But your integrity and courage cannot refute. Even in your last days your patriotism proved Calling out what threatens your sacrifice  Now, your service our conscience moved And your legacy past these threats will rise. The best eulogy will be when tributes take action  And your words awake us to what may be lost  For the stakes are the future of our nation And let its ...
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by on August 13, 2018
All a Part  There is this battle of which we are all a part Whether we know it or not what role we play  The winner the one with the truest heart  Never caring for power but for a better way.  It is not the odds faced that matter most But the courage and conviction our dreams pursue  And if we fall short, still, goodness found a host But, if we succeed to our destiny proved true.  And history has shown this struggle and sacrifice  And those renowned because they knew the stakes  ...
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by on June 29, 2018
There is Something Happening Here There's something happening here Not like it hasn't happened before But this time it is crystal clear We can't take too much more. But now we are too much on a divide You don't know who you think you know You thought they were cool but on the other side Unity from such discord can never grow. Everyone has to, on one thing, agree This country is facing an ominous change Forgetting how many sacrifices to make us free Funny how shallow p...
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