by On January 14, 2019
My Heart Should Know I saw a glittering object on the ground one day Attracted, I picked it up to get a closer look But the sun started to fade, the sky turned gray In my hand stood this dull stone my fancy mistook. I can only wait for the sun to soon return And its brilliance to once again, in the day, glow Until then for what stirred my heart must yearn Maybe it's not this stone but my heart should know.
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by On January 13, 2019
Only Live in Dreaming This is my home, a blank page But fuller than the world so shallow Here I can present a different stage Whose last act does not end in sorrow. I can fill this with lines that warm my soul That tell of love everlasting And forget the place where it never know For only happiness here am casting. To create my Venus, to adorn my night Not a frenzied place, still, so empty Here her heaven within my sight And forget, here, you will never be with me. This canv...
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by On January 7, 2019
What Is? What is that sound that serenades my soul? Not the bird's song that shares its melody But your soothing voice that in my heart does grow That whispers your sweet love for me. What is that twinkling in the night? Not the stars that point so far away But your eyes in which I bask in your sight That beckons me to your world to stay. What is that motion that makes my heart yearn? Not the Earth that around the Sun does move But the way you walk that makes my head turn And m...
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by On January 4, 2019
Sonnet 343 (Your Love) How sweet your voice that lightens up my day When robins sing your chords their notes inspire A perfect melody their music play Arousing in this man still more desire. How wonderful your eyes that stir my soul I look into as mirrors of your heart And this day's light, through them, does clearly show I learn that, from your sight, can’t live apart. How heavenly your walk is on Earth's land Massaging fawning breezes in your wake Your spritely sway where my s...
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by On January 2, 2019
Sonnet 342 (Your Love I Know) The boughs are bare where late the birds once sang And, too, the garden cold where flowers grew And gone the warmth the day too me once brang Those sunny days that I had spent with you. And darkness falls where once the day so bright The night too quickly ushered in its place This world is best when in your eyes alight And winter thawing where your beauty trace. And you the sun where my own soul does live Like birds that always sing their melody So ...
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by On January 1, 2019
Buried in this Rhyme I saw you tonight and my sun only fed By the fire that, in you, burns And this earth is only our bed To fulfill what our heart yearns. How many times can I say I need you How many lines here this can express? Over and over until they are through And nothing more I need confess. The years go by and, yet, here remain How many more must go by? Yet, I would forsake poetry for what is plain And trade it if, alongside you, I lie. Yet, how much longer see you i...
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by On December 30, 2018
  Say this Plain And I can’t live without you and say this plain Not say like the earth without the sun What I want to say without you feel such pain The earth will still spin, but lose my only one. And tonight I will sleep alone one more time Not say I hope to see you in a dream But pour my sadness in this plaintive rhyme I may sleep but the morning sun without you gleam. And I have another day to face without you here Not say that my love preserved if someone read But say t...
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by On December 29, 2018
My Life Fulfill No emperor so powerful or king so strong That his empire would gladly give So he could claim the love he so long That no wealth or power in equal measure give. No priest or prophet's faith so fixed That on this Earth can dismiss its love For its embodiment in you even Heaven transfixed And Faith’s own foundation your beauty prove. No Robin that sings the sweetest melody Or ocean wave that curtsies to the moon Can sound the notes of your rhapsody While the cosmos...
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by On December 26, 2018
I Need You I need you, only live to see you You are what makes life true Nothing else matters but this I need you, I need to taste your kiss. And many times, I sink to despair Because you are not around Life empty without you there With you my happiness found. I need you, please never leave Don’t go, in you I only believe I want you, need you to live I survive only by the love you give. And many times, I am so lost Because your love may not feel Without you pay too high a ...
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by On December 26, 2018
Need You Here I can’t do better in this verse Than write lines to your love There is nothing worse Than what my heart can’t prove. I don’t know if this will do To show, here, what I feel Except that I need you What else is there to reveal? I don’t want, this night, to sleep Dreams are gone in the morning All I want is you to keep Why else is this world turning? Here I am while you are gone Painful when so far away I need you, here, to go on I need you, in my life, to stay...
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by On December 25, 2018
Your Eyes This life must have a purpose to be here Or else why am I living? Then I see you standing near And feel the love you are giving. And now I know the reason it gives To have you with me So my happiness lives And in this world sets it free. You are the gift that I most prize This season blessed for this I see this in your eyes And feel it with your kiss. Now I can appreciate this season And can share in its joy For your love gives it reason That in your arms always...
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by On December 25, 2018
XMas Merry Christmas baby, our special time of year Where in the air the sounds of joy are found With the snow dancing and falling I hold you near With the magic of this day our love surround. The stars like Christmas bulbs wrapping the night In twinkling garlands of a cosmic tree And I know my finest gift awaits the morning light When you unwrap your beautiful self for me. The melodies of Christmas carols fill the air Their spirit filling it with faith and mirth To celebrate th...
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