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by on October 25, 2019
Finest Angel **** You love me, I found out that is true Returning my love, you know I feel in my heart Now counting the time when I see you Except propriety tries to keep our emotions apart. **** I will see you after all this this time in between But it cannot hide what we truly feel So worth it when your beauty is seen I only wish that moment could forever steal. **** And I could present this to Heaven to know That here your love is ready for its review And that it could easily...
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by on October 23, 2019
Once Did Move **** How long do I have to wait for Time? Life's cruelest blow still feel Maybe I can bury my sorrow in this rhyme Until the final day my time here seal. **** I thought that my pain's edges dulled That each day easier to survive But such sorrow to these words not lulled Not enough to be simply alive. **** That there is a hope for someone new Instead, the darkness is swirling around Whoever she may be, she will never be you The one woman where my love was found....
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by on October 22, 2019
The Place **** The sun doesn’t remind me of your light Even though its rays keep me as warm It reminds me of you in my full sight While the sun sits high while our senses swarm. **** The moon doesn’t remind me of our romance Even though the night was our starry bed It reminds me of when we took a chance To see, lying together, where our love led. **** The morning does not remind me of the day Even though this is when our dreams became true It reminds me of the belief you would alwa...
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by on October 19, 2019
You are the One *** What happens when who you love Time takes Will a Robin’s song ever sound the same? Who cares when life your heart breaks? Will an ocean's waves the shore tame? **** And I should, still, enjoy this world’s best bounty But how full is it when you’re not found? Like a garden in the spring its flowers don't see Our fertile love is found in the fairest ground. **** There are stars, above, to their mystery call But there’s something on Earth they can surprise Ho...
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by on October 17, 2019
From Heaven Take ***" The new night is here and, soon, time to sleep Followed by the next new day in life's procession Except the same old troubles my heart keep Only more time for them to teach a bitter lesson. **** That this world without your love is only empty I must go on with this pain to bear That it can’t truly go on when you’re not with me And this world is only cruel continuing without you there. **** So, why should I look for any respite in my dreams tonight Or that...
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by on October 16, 2019
A Kiss ****. Life goes on, and then there is you Time almost this wound forgot I can see how so much pain it gets through But your memory escaped what most sought. **** The smiles and the laughter, I hear them all The flow of life that through this world resounds I am but the apparition waiting for you to call For only through your voice Heaven’s meaning sounds. **** As each day goes on the distance will grow And yet I find that you are still closer to me And when my Time is d...
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by on October 14, 2019
Breaths **** Hey, you were able to get away from me Not that this was something you wanted to do Anyway, you went off to a place I couldn’t see Worse, I could not be there with you. **** Okay, where does that leave us next time Shall I let you go so easily without a fight? Shall I simply wallow in this wasted rhyme Or make sure you never leave my sight? **** No, next time I will not let you, so easily, go My affection, I will have to admit, is real Your love, wherever you are, want to know And y...
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by on October 13, 2019
My Special Siren See **** Having a coffee here at Starbucks It’s a bold Grande but not to be mistaken for that siren I am only sitting here waiting for some luck And, I bet past even a few more Grandes, still waiting. But, why complain, who's going to listen to me anyway? Well, I can write for another audience This world won't give me the time of day Maybe who listens to me has a better conscience.  Wow, my cup empty, time for a refill I guess no answers even as it gets empty Unti...
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by on October 11, 2019
Hello Darkness **** Hello darkness we meet again At least in you I have a friend As the silence around is creeping Its sound tonight too loud for sleeping. **** And so, I have this time to write No time to dream of you tonight Words that will the morning awake To speak of what my heart did break. **** Until the day will prove this true Its light is lost without you And so, the sun a stranger to me For though I look you cannot see. **** And I can’t any answers find Nothing here ...
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by on October 6, 2019
With My Love **** This should be the night for dreams but I am awake For what I long for in them not truly appear I am waiting for you to come for me to take And when the morning comes from here disappear. **** And in my room I hear only a silent sound The perfect setting from which to leave the world behind For the sounds of life here are not where I am found Better go now to where Heaven’s melody find. **** I know the stars are up and to me are beckoning For they are the stairway ...
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by on October 1, 2019
Only Where You Are **** This is the day that ends all days Because I realize that the next one is without you And now the next one will realize That my time here is through. **** Except in the morning I will awake Minus the one who gave this world meaning So, the sun may shine but my brightness take And leave me longing for the evening. **** When I can look up to see the nearest star Imagining that there is where you have gone And believe to reach you not that far For no distance ...
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by on October 1, 2019
The Other Side **** I saw the other side and tried to draw me in So, when I say I want to be with you why stay? Yet, I pulled back into this place but no peace win Except you saying from my family can't go away. **** I saw a white world and I knew the next place One day, I know I won't be able to fight back But I fought even when there could see your face I should have let go, maybe the courage I lack. **** Easy to say because you didn't want this to be But, tonight, I know this strength would s...
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