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by on 13 hours ago
Heaven to Such Beauty What more is there to say? Nothing but to remember what I lost Maybe better I head your way Losing this world not too high a cost. For the place that you now occupy There I will find my purpose renew So, from here to you will gladly fly Building on the love we once here knew. And the stars are calling me in the night For among them your spirit does live And the one that's brightest in your sight Heaven to such beauty can only give.
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by on September 15, 2019
What We Hope And this world turns around I have to understand That the morning comes have come to believe So, though the next day not holding your hand What science can explain my heart can't relieve. And, so, why should I care about the news today? This is for those in these events have a stake The only news that matters is that you have gone away And anything else here doesn't equal my heartbreak. So all I experience now is my sobbing alienation And I look to Heaven and our po...
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by on September 8, 2019
Sonnet 345 (Our Love Still Grow) I should not grieve that you have gone away Instead be glad for all the joy you brought And though you're gone your memory will stay For you fulfilled the happiness I sought. And now each day still special in your wake Because this Earth was touched by our embrace And so, from each this satisfaction take I feel your heart though you have left this place. And still the Robin’s notes will sound as sweet The ocean's waves as gently roll to shore The morning’s rays t...
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by on September 7, 2019
Never Far She is never far away from me So long as the day is near For wherever I look her beauty see So, this world the best place if she’s here. And if she should leave, I will not stay behind But for the love she gave will follow For the trail she leaves I will always find And not worry what happens here tomorrow. So, it does not matter where her spirit goes For it is there that I will find my happiness And all that is good from our love grows That on earth may be born but,...
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by on September 3, 2019
Cannot Keep You Away They kept you from me but that won't last I believe that you will still come to me The die fate rolls has been cast Past their obstacles your beauty will see. Your life, I know, will take you far I am only this man your affection may call Like when you gaze at the brightest star But I have to admit, here for you did fall. So, they succeeded in keeping us apart And our affection, for now, kept at bay Like they can prevent the affairs of the heart Not reali...
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by on September 2, 2019
Awake with You The morning is warm with the day promising ahead Will it bring the happiness I desire? Or will it be only a lonely day instead? At least in the morning for fulfillment can aspire. The scene is so quiet and basking in the serenity How I wish I could feel like this by the night But that would mean you would return to me And that from my dreams appear in my sight. But there is always hope in the morning And my expectations the day can meet So that when it ends for ...
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