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by on November 14, 2019
Paradise to Me  I thought I told you how much I love you While the sun was smiling over our love And the moon lent its romantic rays as it knew For our love is why the universe move. But as many times I told you maybe needed one more To keep you here and Heaven only envy But, as much as Heaven called I needed you more  For on Earth you were paradise to me. And the love we had in itself is divine And this earthly paradise our happiness promised Which can only happen if you are mi...
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by on November 12, 2019
In My Life  There are places that I go Some the same, some are new But wherever I end up I know  The best place is where I met you. There are people I met, some forget, some remember But each one a special part my heart did fill Times too soon gone, some seeming to last forever But, you are the one that stirs my heart still. Of all my sweet memories you still rise above  Beyond life’s best moments most treasure  For in my life only you show me true love And from this my happine...
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