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by on December 18, 2020
Christmas Forever  the world was dark before, no end in sight Until that morn a babe was born here That from our darkness showed the light That showed us hope and no more fear. And now the darkness comes once more So why do we want to celebrate? For all that's bad goodness does abhor This day we show that it can wait. It may well be our fate uncertain For the babe turned man put it in our hands Will we rise to the occasion or pull the curtain? Maybe He the only one who understa...
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by on June 17, 2020
New Rule  It is time to let this truth be known  Our democratic experiment is about to fail For the seeds of division are too deeply sown And what once united us will not prevail.  For we expected norms to be our guide That our better angels would bring But we need laws that all must abide  For our greater good now a diminished thing. Our founding fathers’ fatal flaw revealed  To expect that we could remain a happy union Our civil war disputed this on the bloody battlefield  ...
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by on August 10, 2019
A Young Spirit You promised you would return I looked up to see and there you were A sweet young spirit the cosmos would yearn Yet here you came for one heart to stir. Worlds apart, yours only beginning Mine unraveling but then I hear your voice That tells my heart the hope you are bringing That our lives we live according to our choice. I know how this violates social convention I guess people will never understand To this spirit never paid much attention But, instead...
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by on November 8, 2018
A New Day A new day has dawned in this nation of dreams Where evil arose to claim no paradise here But the waves of goodness over iti bank teems It is what lifts us up that this darkness should fear. I see that the people have against this arose This time, they will not so easily be fooled And the pact offered to us for love will close Those who chose power see how briefly ruled. The battle goes on, power not easily overthrown Yet, those who resist have a spirit that runs deep A...
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by on August 25, 2018
Goodnight  Goodnight Senator McCain  Your life was anything but plain It was not the issues we could dispute  But your integrity and courage cannot refute. Even in your last days your patriotism proved Calling out what threatens your sacrifice  Now, your service our conscience moved And your legacy past these threats will rise. The best eulogy will be when tributes take action  And your words awake us to what may be lost  For the stakes are the future of our nation And let its ...
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