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Look What The Kat Dragged In
on October 2, 2018
Listen In! Tonight at 9PM PST XStreamradio.net Look What Kat Dragged In- DIY bands from around the World- playlist includes-- Polar Bears in Purgatory (Scottland)- Sock Money (IA)- Petite (OR)- Seeders of Lebanon (So Cal)- Amyl and the Sniffers (Australia)- Flea Bag( Nova Scotia)- Franz Wittich (Germany)- Johnny And The Self Abusers (Scotland) - War Boy (So. Cal)- Little Victory (unknown)- Latte Piu (Italy) - Tankerays (Co)- Danny Dean (So Cal) -Litterbug (UK) - Day Drunk (So Cal)- The Haters (So Cal)- Bleach Party (Australia)- Dirty Fonzy Fiasco (France)- The Whining Pussys (So Cal)- R.S.I. - Bookmobile (IL)- Bear Fight (So Cal)- Gallomaker (WA) send me your tunes! labeled MP3 Only toxickatproductions@gmail.com
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