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Funeral Riot
on January 11, 2019
Tonight at 9PM PST on https://XstreamRadio.net it's an all new Funeral Riot hosted by DJ Mange Vorhees Set list for 1/11/2019 Final Scream - Our Fragile Art Jucifer - Hennin Hardine The Estranged - The Subliminal Man Vampire Division - Eye of the Vortex 1919- Revenge Eva O - One By One Anti-Nowhere League - Self-Harm She Past Away - Rituel Bat Nouveau - Dust Annex - Nostalgia Nim Vind - Revenge Texas Vamps - Kiss of the Spider Radio Scarlet - Kissing on the Phone Catholic Spit - I'm Your God Now Glare - Watermark Hemgraven - Doden I Drommen Mescaline Babies - Skeleton Kids LeichenLeibe - Sonntag Readership Hostile - Heaven's Favorite Clown Chameleons - In Shreds Lock Howl - Echoes From The Chemical Void Bella Morte - Forever Grey Occults - Soiled Bibles 11 Desaparecidos - Desaparecidos Deathcharge - To An Early Death Agent Orange - Say It Isn't True Guilty Strangers - Animal or Man The Leather Nun - Gimme Gimme Gime (A Man After Midnight) Spectres - Romans The Flatfield - Grey City ADS - Waiting for the War King Dude- Black Butterfly Deep Eynde - We don't Care About You Germs- American Leather
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