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on April 8, 2019
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Click here to Subscribe to our Channel! https://bit.ly/2seXCtV Christina and Kat bring back the Old Style MTV music video show. Featuring the best new bands, artists and producers from around the world. Submit your favorite new DYI music videos here in the comments below or join us on x to be featured in an upcoming episode! If you're a fan of the music, create your own intro and submit it in the comments. Best intros and music will be featured in upcoming episode Follow Christina here. https://thexstream.net/christinaferra... Follow Kat here https://thexstream.net/Kat%20Monroe/ Add the Back to the Music Channel to your network here https://thexstream.net/backtothemusic/ contact us for more information at xpt@thexstream.net
Dimension: 1500 x 2000
File Size: 338.52 Kb