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sundays setlist be here at 7pmPST Sunday night
Unplugged Hour with Jinx Volume 19
Danny Osbourne "love at first fight"
Old Trees "violent resistance"
Dakota Jean "san sebastian and second chances"
Kris K Jinx "bridges"
Charles Manson "my world"
Tony Sly/Joey Cape "violins"
Jack Johnson "bubble toes"
Sunnie Coleman "petri dish"
GG Allin "carmelita"
Cranford Nix "fading fast"
Abandon Jalopy "the wolf w/nico hoon"
Jason Cruz and Howl "leavin kind"
Johnny Cash "ghost rider in the sky"
Bob Marley "redemption song"
Circle Jerks "when the BS hits the fan"
Dogtooth and Nail "shadows follow you"
Jenn Fiorentino "reach for the sky"
Sunny Day Real Estate "the ocean"
Dimension: 720 x 768
File Size: 79.84 Kb
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