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this weeks setlist for Punkrock O'clock with Jinx here on the X
Punkrock O'clock with Jinx Volume 11
The Whining Pussys "wasted"
Narcoleptic Youth "is this punk?"
Black Flag "my war"
98 Mute "slow motion riot"
Headless Honchos "hate me"
Minor Threat "guilty of being white"
The Runz "socialist"
Bad Brains "i against i"
Agent Orange "bloodstains"
M.D.C. "john wayne was a nazi"
Dwarves "i will deny"
Circle Jerks "killing for jesus"
The Stooges "i wanna be your dog"
Happy Campers "wave the flags"
Suicide Machines "new girl"
G.B.H. "sick boy"
D.I. "on the western front"
Pennywise "homesick"
Bad Religion "F*** armageddon this is hell"
Carpit "society war"
Unit F "comes the day"
The Vandals "urban Struggle"
Dimension: 640 x 640
File Size: 49.77 Kb
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