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this weeks show sunday 7pmPST
Unplugged with Jinx Volume 20
Kris K Jinx "bridges"
Yellawolf/MWA "til its gone"
Sunnie Coleman "break the chains"
Lynyrd Skynyrd "simple man"
Robert Johnson "love in vain"
Shannon Hoon "all that i need"
Brian Coakley "bone dry"
Dufflebag "gotta go (agnostic front cover)"
Circle Jerks "wonderful"
Dakota Jean "better off alone"
Bradley Nowell "mary"
Casey Savin "breathe me in"
Tim Timebomb and friends "shes drunk all the time"
The Cure "just like heaven"
Jesse Ropp "i want it"
Niykee Heaton "or nah/cut her off"
GG Allin "this room"
Dimension: 720 x 768
File Size: 79.84 Kb