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Tara Rez is a singer, DJ, songwriter, poet, and humanitarian and rose to prominence as the lead singer of The Duel.

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this weeks show... Jinx Unplugged Volume 22 Kris K Jinx "11:59" Annoying "broke and hungry" Abandon Jalopy "the wolf w/nico hoon" Cranford Nix "too many problems" Hank Williams III "country heros" Blind Melon "soul one" Jenn Fiorentino "matchbook" GG Allin "carmelita" Sunnie Coleman "baby!" Tony Sly/Joey Cape "rainbows" Ben Harper/Jack Johnson "please me like you want to" Jesse Stewart "broke in half" Bob Marley "stir it up" Days N Daze "misanthropic drunken loner" Pat The Bunny "never coming home" Rise Against "audience of one" Robert Johnson "crossroads" Danny Osbourne "love at first fight" Circle Jerks "when the BS hits the fan" #jinxunplugged #kriskjinx #jinx #theXstreamnet #nowplaying #staytuned 
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